The light fantastic.

Tight, bright fantastic.

Right, left fantastic.

Deviant bronze,

Though a deep shine.

Choose the mirrors,

Alter the soul.


Urine in a pale porcelain vacuum.

Feels, like a shivering snake.

Not inviting,

Not for comfort,

Built. Thrown into place.

Face, unseen.

Bodies in uniforms.

Standing, uniform.

Comparing, straining.

More than just,

The daily routine.

The club.

The graffiti.

Unnerved, social.

Give space,

Be fair.


The dirtiest known,

Of the Waikato.

So far below this bridge.

Shopping trollies, old bicycles.

Thick dark, absorbing.

Thick brown, slipping its way,


All fall down,

Down, below the gooey ripples.

Cops drive by, skaters, dogs,

Cracked bones on hulking rocks.

Delay, dismay.

Suicidal urges, but to fall, is death so certain?