It seeps through my fingers
As I clutch them to my face
Slowly oozing out
Through the cracks in my eyes

That open road lonely feeling
Fogs the night air again
Asphalt stretching on to places unknown
The haze made eerie through streetlamp glow
Uncertainty lives in the puddles and pools
Scattered like dice all around
As the air hangs heavy with the scent of rain

Heavy chords of destiny playing off in the distance
Just close enough to hear the chime of melody
But the words indistinct now, surreal and distant
Tearing through the silence of the deep night
As the world sleeps I hear the words calling to me
Still muffled now through time and distance

The fog thick like water clogging my lungs
As each step echoes in the emptiness
A void only known
In places once busy with human presence
Absence made profound through context
Something missing that shouldn't be

So long ago it was
I set out to explore these voids
To seek meaning behind them
And find what it was that left them so empty

For in these mournful places,
In these charnel houses of dreams
I see the curtains drawn back
I gaze through the window into the human soul
All the deceptions fall away into dust
And the truth is set before me

And I see twisting, churning, festering morass
It bubbles and froths before me, spitting puss and pestilence
Human nature, our collective weakness and insecurity laid bare
Motivations and aspirations end and begin here
And undying poison pit, long suffering and content to be itself
Here I have seen human nature stripped bare
And here I have seen the faces of all mankind collected,

And there is but one ray of light to be found in this place
A single candle guttering in this house of death