LOL…Or Should I Say ROFL?

A look into the life and laughs of being a teenager.

Ashley: OMG, guess what?

Kris: What?

Ashley: I bought the cutest top at A&F today!!

Kris: …A&F?

Ashley: Abercrombie & Fitch, duh!!

Kris: O…kay…

Ashley: OMG Kris, it was like it was meant to be!! There I was, shopping at the mall like I do every Saturday, when I walked into A&F and saw it. The top. My size. And guess what the creepiest thing was?!

Kris: What?

Ashley: It was half-off!!

Kris: …Wow.

Ashley: Ttyl!! Or is it ttly? Whatever is short for totally. Anyways, since it was half-off, I had enough money left over to buy some matching nail polish and a pair of cute matching earrings!! I swear Kris, it was like fate had brought us together!!

Kris: Sure…

Ashley: Sigh…I love shopping. I should be like a professional shopper when I grow up.

Kris: …A professional shopper…?!

Ashley: Yeah. Like, you know, someone who shops for all the hottest celebrities. Or maybe I could be a fashion designer instead.

Kris: Yeah, be that.

Ashley: And, guess what else?!

Kris: Let me guess: you bought the cutest pair of short-shorts at American Eagle?

Ashley: OMG, how did you know?! I swear, Kris, someone divine is at work!!

Kris: ...Wow…



Kris: Who doesn't? I mean, isn't it bad enough that we have to take the SATs and stay up through the hours of the night filling out college applications? Isn't it bad enough that we have to force ourselves to study until one in the morning in order to maintain a straight-A average so we can get into decent colleges? Isn't it bad enough being a teenager?! And they just have to top all of that with midterms!!

Ashley: Ttly!! You are exactly right!! I mean, I even got a zit yesterday morning because of all that midterm stress!! And the worst part is, I think Trixie saw me at CVS buying zit cream!!

Kris: …Sigh…

Ashley: Luckily the zit cream worked well and got rid of the zit before the school week started or else I would have DIED. I mean, I cannot walk into school with a huge zit on the tip of my nose!!

Kris: You…totally killed my point.

Ashley: Midterms are the worst! This Saturday I actually spent the afternoon studying. Studying!! I don't spend my Saturdays studying!! I spend them shopping! I spend those hitting Abercrombie & Fitch and Suburban Outfitters! I want to shop! I want to try on piles and piles of cute clothes and stop for a smoothie break at the Smoothie Splat at the mall and feel the mall air on my skin and the mall breeze caress my hair and

Kris: Oh my god, did you just say "caress"? Wow, midterms are really getting to you!!

Ashley: See?! I told you!!