Something You Can't Hold

What is started by giving and knows death isn't the end

It can be hurt easily, taking time to mend, which should be protected with an iron hand

It needs love and care for it to thrive

For without kindness it cannot survive

You can't hold it

You can't touch it

You can't kiss it

You can't hug it

You're able to point it in the right direction

But can't send it away when it needs affection

It might share

It will accept

It can deny

But it won't reject

It's hard to put it into words, the love it gives

But for without a doubt inside someone special it lives;

A Pure Soul is what it is

I should've made this longer P.P this is Ato Shinsei Reikon's poem! Woot-woot! (Ato Shinsei Reikon((A Pure Soul in Japanese xD)) is the abridged series of Loved or Loathed I'm putting up when I finish L.o.L. :3)