You Inspire Me

His eyes.

Eyes dark as chocolate, they're like the windows to your soul. Every emotion – anger, love, happiness, pain – can be seen through those tiny orbs of amazing beauty. My knees go weak whenever I look at them, so much so that I can't control myself. You make me feel like a person, a real human-being. Your eyes are your most brilliant feature, dark when you're angry and light when you're happy. It is as if they have a life of their own, a life you cannot learn to control.

His hair.

It changes like the wind changes course – some days it is a dark brown, others you dye it a midnight black. It doesn't matter what your hair colour is; I cannot not help but love the way it falls into your face – as if you have something mysterious, shocking and interesting to hide. You always have your head ducked rather low, like your trying to hide from something, or someone. It makes you seem unexplained, dark and dangerous. I like that in you. I like everything about you.

His smile.

Lips are slightly tinted red, they are full for a man, but it suits your face shape and facial features. I have wondered countless times what it would be like to kiss those lips, to show you how much you affect me. Are they warm or cold? Soft or rough? I fear I will never know the answers to these questions, only in my dreams and wildest imaginations. Your lips tease me, even when you aren't talking. I love it when you smile; it lights up your whole face and seems to make everything in the world a brighter, less dark place. Your smile is my happy pill, my sun – this you will never know.

His skin.

You are pale and your skin looks smooth – one day I wish to see if my suspicions are correct. Freckles dot your cheeks, and although you hate them, I think they give you character and personality. I love it when your cheeks tint pink, especially when you're happy or excited about something. There is nothing I would like more than to touch your cheek, to let my hands wander over your back and chest. But my fears and self-doubts cause me to clam up, and I can't help but admire from afar.

His body.

You are tall, taller than me at least. I feel safe when you hug me, like there is nothing in the world that could ever harm me again. When you let go, I feel the loss immediately and want to reach for you again, but you're already moving away to someone else. My heart pounds when I see your body, you are muscular and yet it's not over-done. I love the way you aren't egotistical about your looks, or your body. I love how you're modest, and you blush a little whenever someone compliments your fit physique. There is nothing I would like more than to hold you all day, but that is impossible.

His voice.

I like how you sing, how you seem to put every fibre of your being into the song – like it's your life form and you're holding onto it for dear life, even though it will disappear in a matter of minutes. I love your deep, rich voice and how you can change it to match how you're feeling. Your voice says so many things about you, I could listen to you (talking or singing) all day long and never tire, never wish I was in a different place. When you speak, it's like I actually matter, like I could mean something more to you.

His smell.

Your scent drives me crazy. It's almost as if you're standing close to me, just enough so I can smell you, to taunt and tease me. I would notice it anywhere, that deep, musky scent that cannot be defined in words. My heart thumps rapidly whenever I notice it, because it means that you are near. When you are around, nothing else matters. Nothing else bothers me; all I can see is you and want to hug you.

His actions.

You seem so rebellious, like nothing and no one could ever stand in your way. You dress like a punk, and you say things most would never dare. And yet, you are a good person. You go to school, you study and you actually have dreams. You are going somewhere, even though your life is crumbling around you, you keep at it anyway. You ignore the bad and focus on the positive. You are positive.

His words.

Those four little words shattered my world; they brought me down to earth again and exploded. They echoed in my head, while all I could do was stare at you in shock – thoroughly amazed by what you said. They weren't even complicated. They probably didn't mean anything to you, but to me they were everything. To me, it was my life.

My broken heart.

"I have a girlfriend."

His girlfriend.

She was everything I could ever hope to be. Beautiful, smart and interesting. She had dreams just like him; they connected in ways I could only dream about. It was like she wanted to torture me when she kissed him in front of me, like she knew I was practically pinning for him. It was over; my world came crashing around me with those four words.

The only four words I didn't want to hear out of his mouth.


A weird one-shot from the top of my head.

I kind of like it.

It was supposed to be longer...

But it's not, so yeah.

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