A Rainbow of Colors

A Rainbow of Colors

I feel the biggest challenge facing today's youth is racism and prejudice. Based on my experience, America is full of discriminatory and racist comments. I am sure that everyone has heard them spilled out of people's mouths on a daily basis through comments, jokes or hurtful glances. Whether you were on the listener or the speaker's side, it has become a habit of Americans lives. I know that my own family and friends have been victims of this habit, and we have felt the sting of the words that follow us around in this nation.

The biggest issue of this problem is why people need to be hurtful to others. It makes no sense, and there is no good reason on why they should continue such hurtful comments. The people listening certainly do not care or want to get involved, especially if it does not pertain to them. The speaker's comments grow, and other people start believing, spreading, and creating them as well. If the victim they were trying to aim for did not acknowledge the fact, it does not mean they did not feel it, or hear it. It is still there, a burning a memory in our minds.

I have to dodge these discriminatory actions and defend myself and people I care about every single day. I have even been threatened to get beat up because of the way I look. I took a stance against them and told them to back off. I was scared, but I knew it would continue if I was not a leader and stand up for myself. I have not shared with many as it is something I need to move forward with and try to become stronger from it. I know a few of my friends have the same problems, and it seems that people always judge our books by our covers, before they even try to read inside.

Most importantly, people need to be educated about racial differences. As a Girl Scout, we work together with everyone and treat them equally no matter their race or cultural background. If more people gave back to the community or educated themselves about others then they could feel differently.

My father has been turned down jobs in the past because of the color of his skin or cultural background. All I see here is a missed opportunity and a significant loss for the companies that turn him down. He has dealt with this all of his life and he does not like to talk about it much. The messages and concerns of racism eventually sank in and he learned to deal with it on a daily basis, as I have. It hurts me deeply that the cuts of discriminatory actions are so close to me.

I believe that race is like a box of crayons. No color is the same. We may look alike, but we are very different culturally. We do not get to choose our colors; we are given them at birth. We cannot change them, no matter how much we long to. Each color is different and special in their own way. We may look different on the outside, but we are the same as everyone else on the inside.

Every color is beautiful. Embrace your color. You should never let your color on the outside stop you doing what you believe in. Your prism of colors on the inside should shine brilliantly for all the world to see.

A rainbow of colors makes up this nation, and I feel that we should embrace the different colors and learn about others cultures. People should not only judge based on your outside appearance. There is always something more beyond the surface. I will live my days being the color I am and proud of it.