3 Birthdays and a Funeral.

It all started on my 5th birthday. The first birthday.

I remember I wore a pink dress with a green ribbon in my hair, and I had a pink elephant cake. My mum made me invite some of the boys from my class, so I chose the ones that didn't make me eat worms.

And Benjamin.

Benjamin made me eat worms and put glue in my dark brown hair. He threw a Tonka Truck at my head and told me I smelt like flowers and he didn't like it. He also made me eat half of his cake at play lunch and put a daisy in my hair when Kelly told me I couldn't play on the swings because my hair wasn't blonde.

He was my best friend.

I remember that Benjamin gave me a book about flowers and that he yelled at me when I said,

"I like Benjy best!"

My 10th birthday, the second birthday.

I wore a lime green sweater and dark blue jeans. I had a cake shaped like a volcano with sparklers for lava. My mum said I could invite four people, so I chose my three best friends in the whole wide world, because back then you held onto people like a barnacle on a ship. Kelly, Emma and Sarah.

And Benjamin.

Benjamin made me walk to school by myself because the other boys teased him and told me I looked like an ugly boy. He chased me with bugs and told me that I should wear a bra. He also gave me a paper crane he made in art class and yelled at the boys when they said I hade girl germs.

I hated Benjamin.

I remember that Benjamin didn't come to my birthday party, but on Monday he gave me a purple necklace and yelled,

"It makes you look fat!"

My 15th birthday. The third birthday.

I wore a blue long sleeved shirt, skinny jeans and lack boots. I had a chocolate mud cake with the words, "Happy birthday Emily!" written in blue, purple and green icing. My mum let me have as many people as I wanted, which had the potential to be twenty, but I only invited six. Emma, Kelly, Ebony, Christopher, Brock and Anna.

And Benjamin.

Benjamin told me that when I sang my favourite songs on the radio I sounded like shit and told me that my boobs were too big and I was too tall even though he was taller. He threw a water bomb at me in the middle of winter and told me to stop talking so loudly. He also drew a picture of me in his art book and punched my ex-boyfriend when he made me cry.

I loved Benjamin.

I remember Benjamin stood awkwardly in my bedroom doorway and ran his hand through his light brown hair. But then he kissed my on the cheek and yelled at me when I said,

"I so want you bad right now Benjy."

He told me to stop messing around and have a "fucking awesome birthday."

The Funeral. For Benjamin's parents.

I wore a black dress and a dark purple cardigan; Benjamin's mum would've liked that. We ate limp sandwiches and drank bad wine. My mum wouldn't stop crying, and only a couple of people were there.

And Benjamin.

Benjamin told me to "Fuck off" because it was "none of your fucking business Emily" and made my shoulder wet with tears. He threw a book at me and told me he hated me. He also hugged me back when I held him close and told me that he "loved me more than I've loved any other girl ever."

I loved Benjamin and he loved me.

I remember when it was over and we went back to our apartment and we talked about how he threw a Tonka Truck at me in pre-school and how he chased me with bugs.

He remembered when I told him that I would marry him in kindergarten.

I didn't. But I suppose I'll have to keep my promise.

Well, I don't know where this came from, but I like it.

Just a oneshot.


- Georgia.