If you'd ask me to
I'd follow you
Wherever you would go

Turn the tables,
I don't know if I'm able
To watch the stars go flying by
Just closing my eyes to make a wish-

Saying one thing and meaning another

I'm not telling you what to do,
Just asking to see it through
As long as it's me and you
I don't care where I am

There was a time I was faced with doubt,
There was nothing I could do,
I tried to let out a shout,
Just to let you know I was still alive

Maybe it just isn't the right time

If there's no one, sharing a bed with you
In another year or two
Do you think it would be a lot,
If I ask, that it could be me?

You left me speechless,
After I confessed my feelings
You said you felt the same,
And I couldn't think of words to say

I went home late, with too much on my mind
I couldn't think aloud
So I took out a pen,
And started to write it down

It came at fist, like a spiraling gust
A burst of romance from the heart
The lengths of your hair, with that look in your eye

You bite your lip, hiding the things you'd like to say
But I know what you want

Take my hand and clasp it tight,
I'm not going to leave you now,
I care far too much, about this night

If heaven was my final destination,
I surely could say that I have reached her
And all I'd have to left to say
Is that I'd follow you, into the dark.