I've been trying to find a way to convey this
The way that I'm feeling

Oh, oh did I mention?
I really hope you catch this

It's going around like a flu
It goes inside out and up and down
It fills your lungs and makes your heart beat faster
Your palms sweat and your face turns redder

At the sight of me it's like a cage of butterflies
Were released in your stomach, and they can't get out
I can't prescribe any medication for this
But I can trade a secret for a kiss

Oh, oh, did I mention...?
This isn't your typical disease.

I've been going insane
Feeling like I'm trapped inside
I've got nothing to do
But sit here and think of you


I'm screaming danger, don't get too close
Don't be so sure of yourself
I don't bite (hard)
And it might not be a choice (you regret)
But I can tell you baby
It'll be the one, you love.