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This takes place in a glorious city called Enagonia. A place that was sandy and desert, yet people come from all over to visit. A time period unknown, but quite modern for this lifestyle. Ella Lauren and Nina Lauren's parents disappeared one day, leaving behind a burning cottage. Together, Ella and Nina have to live in poverty and thrive on their own. Thus, Ella despises the royal family, because she thinks its all their fault, but what if, she meets the prince unknowingly. He takes a liking to her immediately, but what do we have to say for Ella?

Chapter 1

Camels walked down the large dusty street, pulling wagons along with them. People walked by as they headed and admired the things that each store stand held. The royal guards trudged by, snarling at the people who stood in their way, lugging a large sack with them.

I quickly backed into the dark alleyway.

"Nina," I called to my sleeping sister who was huddled in the corner of the alleyway.

She didn't answer.

"Wake up, the bread gathering is going to happen soon," I scuffled towards her and gently nudged her skinny shoulders. She snapped her head up and gazed at me, her eyes focusing after awhile.

"I'm really hungry," she complained, her five year old face, thin and worn out. Her skin was tight against her cheekbones, it was a surprise she still had any of that baby fat clinging to her jaw line.

"I know, me too," I frowned and quickly helped her get up, my barefoot scraping against the bare ground. I saw my skinny arm next to her and quickly shuffled her forward.

"Why didn't we eat anything?" she whined

"The rats got to it before we did," I sighed and locked my hand onto her little hand.

"Are we going to be late for the food?" Nina asked.

"No, c'mon we have to hurry," I quickly shuffled forward. My tattered dress was still in a piece, it can be worn for another year of so.

"Ella?" Nina pulled at my dress hem, gently.

"What?" I looked down towards her, and I saw her angelic face surrounded by sorrow. My expression instantly softened.

"Why isn't mommy and daddy coming back?" she started to tear up a bit.

I squeezed between two burly men, pulling her through, "I…don't think they are ever coming back."

From the corner of my eye, I saw her little shoulders trembled. I sighed and stopped.

"Look, Nina…" I knelt and looked into her eye, "Mommy said that she will always love us. We were poor, the royals needed….more room." I tried my best not to frighten her.

"Where are they now? Are they still alive?" Nina's face crumpled.

"I…am not sure, after the move, I'm really not sure," I said, my voice barely above a whisper. A few months ago, was it a few months? Or was it a few years.

They came, they needed to plow down and make a new military fort. They don't have room for the poverty. They neglect us. I closed my eyes

"Honey, why won't you and Nina go get some blackberries?" my mom called from the open fire, slowly fanning it.

"Really? Okay," I grinned and went towards Nina's room.

"Oh, Ella?" I heard my mom whisper towards me, "You love your little sister right? Always take care of her, even if your father and I are gone."

"Mom, what are you saying? Of course I'll always take care of her, you, me, and daddy."

"Move it, peasant!" someone slammed into my back and I fell onto the rough ground. Several guards loomed over me.

I bit my lip, trying to hold back the string of curses.

"You should watch where you're going, you big goofball!" Nina screamed at him, her little hands balled up into fists, ready to smack his legs.

"What are you to say you little, brat!" he raised his hands and prepared to slap her.

"Stop!" I hissed and grabbed his arm, trying to stop him, "Go away!"

"You're on the streets of his and her majesty! We are their royal guards, stupid mutts!" he glared defiantly into my eyes, and I saw him probe my light blue eyes and jet black hair.

"You're the royal guards! You should be protecting the city!" I snarled at him, anger bubbling upward.

"Mom! Mom!" I screamed at the burning cottage. I scurried towards the charred door and a loud crack interrupted my progress. The whole cottage collapsed as the hay caught fire.

"Dad! Mom!!" I screamed at the top of my lungs and started kicking at the door.

"Sister…." a little whimper sounded. I whirled around and saw little Nina, her blue eyes round with fear at her burning home.

Selfish idiots!

"Learn your place, wretch!" and his hand struck my cheek, whirling me into the ground below, "You aren't our citizen. You are the shame of this great city!"

I hissed in a breath as my cheek stung considerably.

"That ought a teach you," he huffed and walked away.

Nina huddled over me as her little hand pressed up against my reddened cheek.

"No, I'm fine," I smiled at her and rustled her rustled her short black hair.

She grinned at me and then ran towards the way of the food gathering. I swiftly went after her. We were both pretty agile, since we were sort of thin. I ducked between the a couple and then the busy merchants feeling their angry scowls in my back.

The dusty air breezed into my long hair as I finally landed into the Central Plaza, where the stands and merchants seem to seize their invasion.

People were gathering, they were all dressed raggedly, their hair in knots. I gently felt my head, checking for anything out of the ordinary. We all stood silently, hushed whispered chorusing through the air as two well dressed men came out, holding a sack or two.

"Please, do not make too much of a commotion," one of them said broadly. I clenched my teeth, waiting.

They then dug into the bag and started throwing out bread. The first bread plopped onto the ground, and like a crack of lightning, everyone stiffened. My stomach growled loudly and another chorus echoed and I dove for it.

My feet were in the air, as my hands were a millimeter from the crusty bread. Someone tackled me hard from the left side, making me gag in shock.

"Mine!" the older man cried greedily and disappeared into the flock of hungry people.

I gasped and tried to reclaim my balance, but a sea of people reached for the flying bread. I jumped as high as I could, and felt my hands enclose a hard lump of bread, quickly scurrying under the reaching arms, I ducked between legs, interlocking hands, punches and kicks. Finally breaking out of the crowd panting. My hands still tight against the hard bread.


I looked around the bustling crowd and saw no sign of Nina hopping through them. Was she pick pocketing again? My eyes scanned the crowd carefully, making sure that every little kid wasn't Nina.

"Nina!" I hollered out over the dull roar of the chattering people. I waited anxiously for Nina to maybe come flouncing out of the tightly packed people.

I started to run towards the central of the plaza, hoping maybe she was by the large fountain.

"Ella!" someone cried.

I whipped around and saw Nina walking out of the crowd, holding someone's hand. I quickly ran over to her and gave her a large hug.

"Where were you? I looked all over for you," I scowled and then pulled out the bread, "But, we have breakfast."

Her guilty face instantly cleared up and she smiled at the rye bread in between my fingers.

"Here, you eat first," I nudged it towards her and she carefully took a bite out of it.

"This mister helped me," Nina grinned at me and pointed to the very tall man. He had rich, reddish brown hair and dark green eyes that glowed against his pale, alabaster looking face. He may have been really tall, but he was young looking, about a year older than me. Maybe even the same age.

I stood up and bowed my head, "Thank you so much, I wouldn't know what would happen if I had lost her."

He smiled a dimpled smile, "It was my pleasure."

"Come on, let's go find something else to eat," I pulled Nina along.

"Wait," he called after me, but I quickly ducked into the dark alleyway.

"He is nice," Nina beamed.

"He could've kidnapped you!" I grumbled at her and knelt next to her, sitting next to an unsanitary looking puddle.

"No, he seemed like he was special. Someone who was going to be really, really special," Nina said, giving me a toothy smile.

"Yeah, a lot of people are special," I hummed and leaned back onto the cold bricks, due to the lack of sun.

"Just like mommy and daddy," she noted.

"You're thinking too much," I laughed and then watched as she finished the bread.

Yep, just a five year old thinking too much.

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