Denying the Chemistry

Denying the Chemistry
A spark, an attraction--I gravitate towards you.
The feel of your fingertips gives me a feeling too good to be true.
Yet the flame that ignites is constantly ignored.
When will we realize what life really has in store?

Your touch sends a thrill through me.
You make me feel so extraordinary.
But I try not to remember these feelings inside of me
'Cuz we're both denying the chemistry

My heart beats loudly the world can hear its rhythm.
Your look says a thousand words.
Yet somehow, I feel these emotions are forbidden.
How I wish this song is heard...

With you just beside me yet we're oceans apart..
How can you see what lies inside my heart?
Oh, we were made for forever.
It's more than now or never. 0

Why don't you just stay with me?
'Cuz right now we're just denying the chemistry.
We're the only ones who don't agree
That you're the one for me.

The strength of my emotions is overwhelming.
It's gotten to the point that I'm not thinking
here's a tingle when I feel you close by.
When will we stop living this lie?

'Cuz being with you..
That's the only truth.

Faced to live with you--that's improbable.
Forced to live without you--that's impossible,
Torn between my love for you and fear of rejection.
When will I ever find the solution?

But then..Our breathings slow...They synchronize.
Have we finally realized...
That you're the one for me?
'Cuz we're just denying the chemistry..

By: Carmela Suarez