dear love; our sweet apocalypse

this is us
like air
turned to thickened
clouds formed by
chemical smoke
gas panic makes us
sit down by the harbor
barely masked
and waiting
for the boat that probably won't come
it's been swallowed

by the water
that's become
violent bulges of slick
wash over the world
painting it toxic
painting it grey
and ashen

like the fire
that ate up
flesh like bonfire wood
sending breezes
of bludgeoned meat
up the
crumbling streets
or the flame
lighting the missile
the bomb
igniting the hell
that took them

dry as sticks
from the crooked trees
lifeless soil
turned up
for the buried
flower matter
tainted with waste
earth pulled up
and shattered
and black
and green

like your eyes
which roll over
again and again
and your breath
getting faint
and your-