Disclaimer: Taylor was a nice kid. May he R.I.P.

Warming the bench, watching the game,

Sitting there, it's not the same.

A few words later, and he was in,

Even though he shouldn't have been.

Quickly, he got into place,

I wish I could've seen his face.

The thrill of the game, start of a play,

It was about to make his day.

Seconds close, goal line,

Everyone would see him shine.

He reached out and made the catch,

But then he knew he'd met his match.

Walked off the field, everyone cheered,

Then came what we had feared.

People did what they could do,

By that time, everyone knew.

Everyone gathers to remember his name,

Without him here, it won't be the same.

And in our hearts, you will find,

The memories of him, he left behind.