In the Heart of a 4 year old


Matt opened his eyes. The dusty room was illuminated by the dim light of dawn, seeping through the thin curtains hanging on his window. Matt turned abruptly in his bed, accidentally kicking his cat, Mr. Jinkerz. Mr. Jinkerz pounced on Matt's chest, pinning him to the bed. Then he curled up and went to sleep. Matt tried to get up but resistance was futile under his obese cat. He turned his head slightly and stared angrily at Mr. Jinkerz.

Being bullied by obese retards at school isn't enough. So now this freak has to sit on me... marvelous, Matt thought. He shuffled away from Mr. Jinkerz, stood up, and went down to the kitchen.

He came downstairs and saw his 4 year old sister, Sarah sitting at the kitchen table with half a glass of grape juice... The other half was all over her clothes. Next to her was their mother.

"Good morning, Matt!" his mother said to him while she tried to wipe the sticky juice off of Sarah's face - which seemed to be impossible.

"Hi Matty!!" squealed Sarah. The spilled grape juice made her look like a purple monster. Matt kept himself from laughing and turned to his mother, with a very serious look on his face.

"That stupid, fat cat attacked me again!" Matt exclaimed, pointing angrily at the grey cat that was now sprawled out on the kitchen floor.

"That's not his name! His name's Mr. Jinkerz!" Sarah said matter-of-factly with a big purple smile on her face.

"I'm guessing you named him..." Matt said rudely.

"Nope - actually my -..." Sarah's voice trailed off, "Well, I didn't name him..." She looked down at her hands which were clutching a paper towel soaked with grape juice. Their mother cut into their conversation.

"Sarah, sweetie, how about you go on up to your room, and finished that puzzle we were working on. I need to have a little chat with Matty." Matt glared at his mother angrily; he hated being called 'Matty'. Once Sarah had gone up the stairs and they heard the sound of her door creak open, she turned to Matt.

"Matt, you're 12 years old! You know that Sarah's dad died just 8 months ago! I adopted her because I thought you could handle a little sister!" His mother never yelled at him, instead, she always spoke to him like he was a reasonable adult. Matt didn't think this was fair at all. He looked down on his feet, and sighed under his breath. His mother was a lawyer, he couldn't argue with her! He nodded his understanding, and his mom released him without a punishment.

Matt went to his room, put his headphones on, and blasted the music. I can't even listen to music without headphones anymore! It's all because of her! So what if she lost her father? My dad died too! He thought. He knew that their situations were different though; Sarah had no other family to live with so she had been put into an orphanage, at least Matt still had his mother. Nonetheless, he didn't think moving to a bigger house in a different city just because of Sarah was necessary! A few minutes passed as he thought to himself, going deaf from the music blaring in his ears.