My first decent story people, be kind!

The path before me was illuminated by moonlight coming in from the sealed french window. What lay beyond them was shadowed in a never ending cycle of rain and fog. I don't know for how long I've been haunting these endless corridors, time doesn't exist here. Roaming the corridors hopelessly, searching for one, running from another, both very close to my heart. But who was I running from and who was I looking for?

I could feel the perspiration trickling down my back and between my breasts. I hurried forward following the corridor...the shadows seemed to shift, as though daring me to come closer. He would be there, waiting for me as always, still as a statue, his eyes like encrusted emeralds. I moved closer cautiously, away from the window and into the shadows. I could make out his pale features almost glowing the darkness. Adrenaline rushed through, urging me to move faster. My fingers absently stroked the emerald on my chain, something I do almost every time I see him.

I could see him clearly now, his mere presence commanding me to come closer still, his eyes seducing me with every step, his smile beguiling. There was a flash of lightning and I could see him clearly for a moment, standing before a fireplace with a portrait on the mantel piece.

And something inside me broke as I realised what I was doing. I stood still, staring for the longest moment, fighting temptation to take those four more steps into his arms which would protect me from everything and take me, no those arms would only lock me away from the world, lock me away from humanity...I turned and ran...I didn't know which way I was going but that didn't matter, it was like these corridors had a mind of their own. Tears were streaming down my face but I didn't know if they were out of fear or longing.

I found a door at the end of the corridor and I opened it and fled...outside. I was outside! I felt relief flood into me and came to a halt in what seemed to be a courtyard. I was breathing hard, it was still raining and I was getting drenched but it didn't matter, I was outside!

Exhilarated, I took a step forward and stepped into something. There was another flash of lightning. I looked down and let out a scream.

Daniel yawned as he looked at the clock, 1:40 am; he decided that it was about time he slept. He looked at the girl sleeping next to him. Emily groaned softly and turned.

Daniel laid his hand on her forehead and sighed, she was having another nightmare. She'd been having too many nightmares lately, ever since mid September, 3 weeks ago.

There was flash of lightning and she shuddered. Daniel was pulling up the rug when Emily sat up.


"Emily?"Daniel said cautiously.

Emily stood up and slowly walked towards the door taking no notice of him. Daniel almost called her again before he realized that she was sleepwalking. He got up and followed her as she went down the stairs.

She opened the door and walked on to the street with a very nervous Daniel close behind her. She looked like a ghost walking in the rain in her white gown.

There was a flash of lightning and Emily screamed and fell in a heap on the ground. Daniel rushed to her side at once.

"Em?" he said. "Emily are you alright?"

She looked up at him with tormented eyes, one hand clutched the emerald on her chain and the other was reaching up for him. Daniel kneeled down beside her and took her into his arms.

"Shh, its ok, don't cry, that was just lightning, nothing else," he murmured into Emily's hair, rocking back and forth with her.

"I'm so sorry Dan, I'm so sorry!" she rasped, tears flowing down her cheeks uncontrollably.

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