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Always Something Missing



Ever since I started 12th grade, I've always said, at the exact time – 1:34 – these precise words. Usually, they were spoken when I sat down at the lunch table amidst my 6 best friends.

"There's still something missing."

They'd smile at me, say, 'You'll find out what it is soon, Kar,' and I'd just smile back, even though that reasonably sized hole in my heart was never filled.

I had (well, mostly) everything one could ask for: a decent college savings account, a generous amount of spending money, a wardrobe, two parents, a couple pets, best friends, some sort of popularity (I really didn't know what it was), and a car.

Whenever I got home, I'd do my homework first, read a few chapters of some books I had yet to finish, and then possibly, after taking a shower, log onto MSN, IMing the friends online.

But, still, there was always that little voice in the back of my mind, piping up, 'You're missing something, Kari!'

Usually I'd listen to it, but I was just so confused as to what it was telling me that I'd eventually ignored it completely.

Of course, I still said those four significant words at precisely 1:34 PM.

A few months after my ignoring that voice, it eventually broke through the barrier I'd worked so hard to put up, and spoke indignantly, 'Gosh, Kari! Your missing something is so blatantly obvious – I'm surprised you haven't noticed yet!'

I'd sigh, irritated, but I eventually did listen to it once again, though not as obsessively as I did before.

Now, I had a guy friend named Aaron, and he usually just smiled at me whenever I said those 4 words – 'there's still something missing' – but I never really noticed him until he spoke.

He never spoke up, but, when he did, it was usually advice – very wise advice – and I found myself listening to him more than I did my other friends.

Soon, he was my confidante, the person I talked to for advice. When he answered – usually after pondering my question for a moment – I found myself listening to him with a wide smile on my face, and it took me a while to realize that, whenever I was with him, the hole in my heart would be filled…

…At least for a moment.

In fact, it took me until Graduation to figure everything out.

When I did, though, I walked to our usual lunch table, my friends looking at me expectantly for the four words, but, instead I spoke something else entirely:

"I know what I've been missing."

My friends opened their mouths to say the usual 'You'll find out what it is soon, Kar,' but their mouths closed once they'd processed the words coming out of my mouth.

"What?" Alyssa asked.

I blushed slightly. I didn't answer her, instead turning to face Aaron.

My bright green eyes locked with his blue ones.

"You're the one I've been missing," I whispered.

His mouth opened to spout, what I presumed, was advice, but, instead, he smiled.

"Yeah. I know."




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