A/N: This poem is dedicated to all those who have befriended me on FictionPress. I am sorry if the rhyming is poor, I am not very good with rhyming poems, but it comes from the heart

For xGekkeiju:

So many words flow from your mind
When writing to me, my dear, you are kind
Your reviews make me smile day after day
I hope that you never take our friendship away.

For October Sun:

A year younger than me but wiser by far
I don't think you realise how lovely you are
The first to befriend me, though we're so far apart
Yet I still have your writing, always melting my heart.

For Guardian Soul:

A mistress of words and twilights best friend
I know that on you I can always depend
We are the dreamers, both you and me
Dah-ling, let your mind always roam free.

For chartonjeremiah:

You are an amazing guy with a very big heart
There is no doubt in my mind, you are incredibly smart
Always there to help, you're stronger than you think
You are my very own spiritual shrink.

A/N: Yes so... sorry if this was incredibly cliché, I just wanted these people to be recognised for the marvels that they are. Many others have been very kind to me on here so if you are one of them, I thank you as well