Into Pieces

All the time,
Heard it before.
Echoing chime...
Broken core.

Pulsing heart
Upon the icy ground
Doesn't restart
Doesn't make a sound.

Globes green and red
Tragic mirror spheres
Misery has bled
In warm and salted tears.

Smiling fake
Bright and tall
Heart breaks
Destroys it all.

Standing on a stage,
Actors in a play.
Locked within a cage,
Always forced to stay.

Child, all alone
Shadows are its friend
Misery goes unknown,
Causes a tragic end.

Simple three words
To her means it all
A request unheard
Makes her slip and fall.

He cannot fight;
Away he turns
Just wasn't right
Seeing her burn.

And so she lies
In pieces true.
And so she dies...
Nothing else to do.

Put her in the grave,
Send her on her way.
She couldn't be saved,
Though she tried to stay.

A ghost she becomes
And haunts the heart
That finally succumbs
And never would restart.

The words three
Hold such a bond strong
That is broken free
When it's all gone wrong.

Shudder and shiver
Pray for a better day
Tremble and quiver
The warmth has gone away.

Red-stained letter
Wrote in icy snow
Wishes him better...
Wishes he'd know...