Tragic Fall

The streets are deserted
A young pair stands alone
The island has reverted
To a land of barren stone.

She laying on the soil cold
Blood seeping from her spine
Utters quietly a message bold,
"Vengeance will be mine..."

Grabs the blades from the ground
Lunges forward without regret
Instructs him not to make a sound
Tells him never to forget...

He reaches forward with a hand
And clutches empty space
Shudders at her final stand
With terror on his face.

And there they stand in the street
The sky turns a shade of red
Because for whoever meets defeat
Sleeps in an eternal bed.

Her body shudders, needing rest
Yet she refuses to give in
Labored breathing rocks her chest
And blood streams from deep within.

And for a moment time is still
He speaks but says no words
She is going for the kill
When another voice is heard.

"Are you ready for your death?
You'll never see the day
Once you take your final breath
The demons are here to stay..."

Metal creaks and clashes
Blows roar with horrid sound,
The girl takes twenty slashes
Collapses upon the ground...

And so he rushes to her side
Vision spiraling in shades of red
Holds her head up just to find
The girl was nearly dead.

Her eyes are slowly closing
Her breathing tries to cease
The doors of death are imposing
An invite for her release.

He holds her tightly in his arms
Looks into her dying eyes
Witnesses her eternal charms
And slowly starts to cry.

She was a woman so very strong,
How could it end this way!
She has died by means so wrong
Evil hands tore her away!

His body shudders and it shakes
His heart's been torn in two
How could anybody come and take
The one he loved so true?

He rises up with blade in hand
Sets out to seek revenge
Strides emptily across the land
With a heartache to avenge.

He approaches the one he seeks
With an amethyst fire burning
Simply mocked and told he's weak,
The rage has started churning.

The taunting tears a wounded nerve
Rips his heart right from his chest
Throws it down as it deserves
And ends its relentless distress.

His eyes, once blue, turn black
As he moves through frozen space
Slashes and shreds, never looks back
With no emotion upon his face...

The soil at his feet turns rusted red
Until his strength depletes
Watches the murderer bleed from the head
Lets his death be a slow defeat.

The sword falls and hits the ground
As the lone survivor stands alone
Turns around with a whimpering sound
And lets his pain be known.

Takes his beloved in his arms
And shakes her once again
Always tried to keep her safe from harm
But failed to in the end.

Her body feels an awful chill
From the life that's gone away
He tries to keep her warm still
Trying hard to make her stay.

The boy refuses to surrender
The girl who brought him hope.
Simply now a dream to remember,
Nothing more than a pain with which to cope.

The body of a life so bold
The spirit of a girl so brave
The body now has gotten cold
The spirit could not be saved.

He holds on tightly to her hand
Lets it go and watches it fall
Makes a gentle cry when it lands
Her name he softly calls.

He carries her so delicately
Blinded by his wounded tears
Feels a pain pulse miserably
Now forced to face his fears.

But only to him is she real
Because now she's just a stone.
Nobody knows the pain he'll feel
Going through life alone.

He sits alone on a cloudy night
Staring at a wilted purple flower
That forever commemorates the sight
Of his lover's final hour.