Her Love

"Nice one, Aros."

Aros growled and shifted his good eye towards the speaker, staring at her with a sharp glare.

She smiled. "Oh, you're just so scary with that one eyed glare you got there," she mocked.

"Be quiet, Kilia, I think she's hurt," he muttered, trying immensely hard to ignore her out of place joke. Someday soon, he would kill her and then he would be the one having the laugh.

Kilia, having jumped onto the roof with Aros, walked cautiously towards him, only now noticing the strange creature tucked into his lap. Getting a better look, she tilted her head and furrowed her brows.

"What is it?" she asked, her nose wrinkling up in disdain. The smell of it confused her, having no scent one moment, to smelling putridly horrible the next. It certainly was no creature of her world that was clear.

Aros continued to stare at the girl, his claw like fingers gently tracing over her rosy cheeks. "It's a human, Kilia," he answered.

Kilia's light blue eyes widened as she took in the information her brother had just given her. "A human?" she gasped. "Since when did you start liking human's, Aros? The last time I checked, you were sickened by the mere thought of them!"

Aros grunted and got to his feet, pulling the girl up with him and cradling her. "I'm not sickened by them, I just prefer not to go near them, but this girl is here not by her own will. I can't just leave her to die."

Kilia stared at him for a moment before shifting her gaze to the said human in her brother's arms. She certainly looked pathetic enough. "She must be the one Ave sent those hell hounds after. Van Rogue did bring a single human to Altholo after all."

Aros stared down at her as she moaned lightly in her sleep and wrestled in his grip. "You spend more time with Rogue then I do, do you know where he is?" he asked as he stepped off of the roof, landing on the muddy ground below in a crouching position.

Kilia followed, landing a tad more gracefully. "You don't know?" she asked, an edge of surprise to her voice.

Shifting the human, Aros put his punctured arm to his mouth and licked some of his blood off of his skin. "Know what?"

Kilia tilted her head, her long dark hair falling in damp ringlets over her shoulder. "Van Rogue is badly injured. He was almost ripped apart when he came back from the human world," she explained.

Aros stopped licking his arm and looked at his elder sister. As long as he had known Van Rogue, the guy had seemed indestructible. He had always had a strong drive to survive, what on earth would make him go through that portal just to retrieve a human. If all was true and the human in his arms was indeed the girl Van risked his life to bring back to Altholo, then there must have been more to her then it first appeared.

Kilia frowned. "Her face is getting redder and redder… perhaps we should get her out of the rain?"

Aros nodded and started to run, Kilia close behind.


"Van, hold on!" came a sudden shriek, ripping through the small cottage and making all its occupants wince from the shrill sound of it.

The man hovering over the injured demon in question grunted. "Trivae, unless you expect me to mend his ears next, I suggest you stay silent and keep hold of him," he snapped. Although by now, even he was starting to worry whether his friend would live through this torture.

"Stupid boy, what have you done," he whispered as he watched the younger man on the bed thrash about and scream in agony. It was worse to watch Trivae hold back her tears. If he did live through this, it would be nothing short of a miracle.

The young female that had been shrieking earlier nodded obediently and held Van down as best she could. Although she was strong, as were most demons, she was still half human and therefore only had half the strength required to hold Van down. It was a losing battle.

"Help him Vorra!" she pleaded, her sharp cat-like golden eyes tearing up. She couldn't possibly watch him this way much longer. Not her strong, brave Van. Anyone but him.

Vorra wiped some sweat from his forehead with his arm and continued to work on his injured friend as best he could. "This might hurt a bit," he muttered as he slapped some gooey liquid onto a bit of material and wrapped it around a deep gash in Van's arm.

Van screamed so loud that Vorra was sure most of the animal's outside had gone scurrying in every direction. Although demons could heal fairly fast, the extent of his friend's injuries were just too severe. It couldn't be helped.

Van's body suddenly went limp, his thrashing halted and his painful screams no more. He had quite possibly knocked himself out from the pain.

Vorra and Trivae took a moment to catch their breaths. The night wasn't over.

"Any normal demon would have been dead by now," Trivae whispered, gently brushing Van's short black hair away from his forehead with a tender touch.

Vorra wiped his face and sat back in his wooden armchair. "Van Rogue is not normal," he muttered.

Trivae worriedly looked at the man in her bed, wondering if maybe he had finally found what he had been searching for. The rumor mill of Altholo was always churning, Van Rogue being the demon to keep that mill alive and steady after a hundred years. Trivae knew little of what Van had gone through when he was younger and living in the human world, but she did know when he had come back to Altholo he had come back with a new name, and was a totally different person.

She growled and suddenly stood up, knocking the chair she had been sitting on onto the floor in a huff. Vorra watched her intently.

"When I find the find the wench who made him this way I'll…" she grabbed the nearest vase and crushed it with her clawed hand, her ever-happy eyes dark and brooding.

Vorra sighed and shook his head. Although Trivae could be a sweet girl, she had a dark side, as they all did. With her flowing red hair and bright, almost ghostly, blue eyes no man or beast stood a chance. The only man ever to not take an interest to the beautiful demon-ness was Van Rogue. Vorra thought maybe that was why she clung to him like a fly on a horse.

Vorra was a large demon, but looked more human then beast. He had light brown hair, dark skin and pale green eyes. He had always hated the fact he had more human weaknesses then the average half-cast, but he was proud of who he was. In all honesty he couldn't stand other beings like himself, but the scars they bared with pride tied Van and Trivae to him.

Vorra touched Van's arm lightly, his lips pursed as he thought.

"It's been fifty years and the mark still doesn't heal," she said.

Vorra nodded. "When a half-cast is born, they're branded so everyone knows to stay away… when Van was born he had no such mark."

"That's because he was born in the human world, Vorra. He wasn't like us," Trivae exclaimed.

Vorra frowned and with a short sigh, stood from his chair and walked towards his little kitchen. "He will be fine, Trivae, you'll see," and with that said, he went to make some tea. Perhaps that would lighten everyone's mood.

Trivae leaned over a sleeping Van and gently kissed his cheek. Her face was twisted into a relatively pained expression. She couldn't stand seeing the man she loved, adored, idolized in such a state. It was absolutely killing her.

"We've been friends since the day you came back to Altholo, Van, why can't you see how much I adore you so?" she whispered, knowing full well her confession was falling on deaf ears. Perhaps this was the only time she could say it out loud. "I love you, Van Crane," she murmured into his ear as she said this before she followed Vorra into the other room, unaware those deaf ears had heard everything.

Van's right eye cracked open as he watched his long time friend walk away, his vision blurry and unsteady. He was still in great amounts of pain, so great he couldn't even speak, but he was conscious. He wouldn't let them worry about him anymore. Something like this was worth it, because now she was back with him.

He tried to move back failed. He couldn't even lift a finger without feeling some sort of sharp pain funning up and down his arms. He was immobile for the moment and that was bad. He had to find her before Ave did.

'How could I have lost her through that portal…' he mentally cringed. He couldn't believe how sloppy he was.

When he had snatched the girl from that car he knew exactly who had been the cause of it, and that person would pay for wanting to harm something that had always belonged to him. Since the day she was born she had been his, but as time went on it was getting harder and harder to communicate with her. Suddenly, he had lost track of where she was and when he had gotten the news of the girls where about's he was quick to act. Somehow, Ave Valkov had gotten wind that the girl had been reborn. Van had to protect her, no matter the cost.

He hadn't realized how hard it would be to bring a human through the portal with him back to Altholo. It seemed the magic that surrounded the portal to once allow humans back and forth safely had all but deteriorated, no doubt Ave's doing as well. The sorcerers that once kept the portal safe and in check were all long gone, banished with the rest of the humans so many years ago.

'Perhaps when the magic of Altholo realizes a human's back within its walls, there will be light again…' he thought wistfully. Although a demon with a human father and a demon mother, Van did have the power to come and go as he pleased. Ave and his followers didn't like the thought of a half demon that had the powers of a demi.

The portal had been terrible. He had had to shield the girl from the onslaught of banished rogues that clawed to her in hopes she would get them out. They stayed away from the powerful demons, but humans were fair game if they wanted to escape. The magic that used to be around the portal when humans once roamed freely throughout Altholo had trapped the rogue demons in the portal, but now they were free thanks to Ave.

'Vorra, Trivae… I'm sorry, but I always keep my promises,' he thought as he closed his eyes and slipped into a restless slumber.

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