Merlin stood over the cliff, listening to the roar of the waves. He heard footsteps behind him, and closed his eyes. He did not need to turn around to see who it was.

"Morgane" he whispered. "It is not time."

"Not time?" hissed Morgane. " How is it not time? Merlin, our culture, our religion, is dying."

Merlin opened hid gray eyes. True, their culture was dying out as the Christians continued to spread their beliefs. Even now, the High King Arthur had become a Christian. Morgane took a couple mores steps to stand next to Merlin. Her wood brown hair had gray streaks in it from old age. Wrinkles surrounded her green eyes. She was tall for a woman, almost as tall and the lengthy Merlin himself. Her red and brown tunic was muddy and torn, from leading the rebels in the woods. Looking at Merilin, she saw age also visited him. His black hair and grown gray, laying far down his back, with a gray beard to match. He still wore his gray tunics and carried the object that he was most known for-his staff.

"Patience, there will always be those who will not abandon the Goddess."

Morgane snorted.

"Do you not agree with me?" Merlin asked with a twinkle in his eye.

"Of course I believe you." Morgane stated. "But they will have to live in secret, practice in closed rooms, risking of being killed?"

Merlin looked at Morgane with pity. He knew she was right. "Yes."

"And you realize that even though you helped Arthur to be where he is, he will turn against you? That you will be the villain?"

Merlin didn't say anything. He only watched the ocean with a blank stare.

"Our world is becoming more then one." Morgane said more quietly. "The faeries are sleeping, dragons- gone in hiding, or either slaughtered. And now-- now us."

Merlin smiled a weak smile and placed a hand on Morgane's shoulder "I see it in the stars. Your right, our people will go through much suffering. But there will be a new bloodline who will wake the faeries, let out the dragons, and bring peace when the time is right."

"And who's bloodline will that be?"

"Dear Morgane, did you think you could hide it from me?"

Morgane blushed at the comment. How foolish of herself to think she could keep it a secret. True it was unusual for a woman her age to be pregnant, but then again, Morgane was always a late bloomer.

"Be patient Morgane. The time will come."