Chapter 10

Lauren had been gazing out the car window for at least six hours. The sun already set, and the stars were already dancing in the sky. Her and Cheyenne have been in the car non-stop, only stopping twice for gas. Lauren wasn't particularly happy about not being allowed to drive, but Cheyenne did have a point. With her "driving" skills, they wouldn't get far.

"Hey, which state are we in now?" Lauren asked.

" Um, I think we're about to enter Pennsylvania." Cheyenne answered.

"We probably should look somewhere to eat and chill."

Cheyenne nodded in agreement. "Yea, but where are we going to sleep?"

"Good question. I don't think we should waste our money on a hotel. Parking lot?"

Cheyenne laughed. "Yea, and let some people kill us? How about in the parking lot , at a hotel?"

"Sounds good to me." Lauren agreed. "What about you Tilu?"

The tiny fairy had been sitting on Lauren shoulder, playing with Lauren's hair. Tilu nodded her little green head and blew in Lauren's ear. " Ok, that's it. Now we just need to find a place to eat."

"Um, how about Bob O'Maley's café? " Cheyenne offered.

Lauren looked at Cheyenne questionably. "How do you know about that?"

"There's a sign." Cheyenne pointed out to the small billboard sign.

"Alright. Sounds good to me."

Cheyenne turned the steering wheel and the red trunk went down the exit into the deep mysterious forest.

The road was bumpy, and the tree line gave the road a spooky sense to it. The small café wasn't far from the free way. Lauren injured the summering feeling in her stomach. The café didn't look all that inviting. There was loud music blasting from it, old wooden walls that look like something the big bad wolf would blow away, and the roof looked like it was about to cave in. Instead of a café, it looked like more of a cheap bar.

Cheyenne parked the truck away from the other cars. " In case of any drunks." he told Lauren. Together, the Lauren and Cheyenne walked quietly to the main door. Lauren was about to pull the door open, but Cheyenne grabbed her elbow. "What about Tilu?" he hissed. Lauren looked at her left shoulder. Tilu was leaning on Lauren's neck, humming.

"She'll be fine. Nobody will notice her. She probably already put her glamour on."

Cheyenne looked at Lauren wearily. "How do you know that?"

"Common sense." Lauren opened the door, the loud music blasting to her eardrums. Colorful lights were shining everywhere, in the center of the café was a dance floor.

"Are you sure this was a café?" Lauren whispered in Cheyenne's ear.

"Hey, that's what the sign said."

Lauren let a sigh slip out. She could feel Tilu tugging on Lauren's hair and point towards the dance floor. "Sorry Tilu. How about we eat first, then we dance?"

"Hi, can I help you tonight?" a short girl, with bright blond hair pulled back in pigtails, a extremely too tight T-shirt, and of course--booty shorts.

"Uh," Lauren stuttered at her words. All she could think was how sluttish the girl looked. Maybe its her job, Lauren thought. "Yea. Table for two please."

"Is a booth ok?"

Lauren nodded her head. The waitress lead Cheyenne and Lauren towards booth by a window.

"Thank you" Lauren murmured quietly. "Yea, I don't think this is a café Cheyenne." She scooted in the booth, the opposite side from Cheyenne.

Cheyenne shrugged his shoulders and opened his menu. "Hey, don't blame me. I only read what the sign said."

Lauren sighed and opened her menu. Tilu flew and landed on the salt shaker only to let out a shriek before she flew back under Lauren's hair.

"What's wrong with her?" Cheyenne asked.

"It's iron. The fey are allergic to iron. Burns their skin." Lauren brushed Tilu's green hair gently, soothing the crying faerie. "See?" Lauren pointed to Tilu's raw feet. "See how the iron burned her?"

Cheyenne leaned across the table to look. "Ouch."

Lauren looked at her menu again. "I think I'm gonna have the ceaser salad. Tilu will share with me. What are you getting?"


Lauren made a face while Tilu gagged, dramatically clutched her throat like she was choking, swirled around and fell off of Lauren's shoulder.

"Ha, ha. You guys are hilarious." Cheyenne said sarcastically. Tilu giggled and pinched Cheyenne's nose and landed in front of him. Lauren rolled her eyes at the sight of Cheyenne chasing Tilu with a rolled up napkin around the table.

"Hi, can I take your order tonight?"

Lauren and Cheyenne stopped laughing to see who was talking. It was the blond who seated them.

"Yea, I'll have the hamburger." Cheyenne said

"And I'll have the ceaser salad." Lauren piped up.

The waiter scribbled on her notepad. "Ok, and any drinks with that."


"Me too." Cheyenne agreed.

"Alright, your food should out shortly." The waitress walked off, her bottom swaying with the music.

"That's sick." Lauren whispered.

Cheyenne turned his head "What's sick?"

"That! Her! You! You were staring at her!"

Cheyenne raised his eyebrows. "How do you know that?"

"I saw you!" Lauren accused. Cheyenne let out a low chuckle. "I think you need to chill." Lauren scoffed. " Horn dog."

"Beg your pardon?" Cheyenne leaned over the table so his face was closer to Lauren's. His black hair curtain his face, creating a dark atmosphere around him. Lauren was shocked Cheyenne moved so close to her. "Nothing. Never mind." she whispered back. Cheyenne rolled his eyes before he leaned back. The two of them didn't talk and they just listened to the music while waiting for their food.

As the waitress promised their food came rather quickly. Tilu, excited flew to the salad bowl and picked up a rather too big piece of lettuce for herself, however, she smiled in triumph and ate the whole slice in tree bites. Cheyenne's eye widen when he saw Tilu's eating habits. "Do you see her?" he asked Lauren.

Lauren laughed. " I know. It's rather cute isn't?" Tilu beamed at the comment. Lauren took a bite from her salad. The taste was ok. She could the lettuce was a bit old, the cheese was kinda hard, and the dressing was a bit too strong. Lauren watched Cheyenne eat, when a question popped in her mind. "Hey, I thought you said you were from Canada."

Cheyenne swallowed before he answered. "I am."

"Then why is your name Cheyenne? That's a tribe from this country." Lauren pointed out. Cheyenne shrugged his shoulders. "I know. My dad was from that tribe."

"Oh." Lauren was quiet before she talked again "But you told me you didn't know him."

"I don't. My mom met him while he visited Canada. My mother didn't know much about him, so she named me after his tribe."

"What was your mother's tribe?" Lauren asked curiously.

"Kawchodinne." Cheyenne finished with a grin.

"Kawchu- what?"

Cheyenne laughed. "Kawchodinne." he repeated. Lauren shook her head in amazement.

"Wow. Imagine having that as a name. So in Canada, do you call yourselves Native Americans."

"Nah, that's for the natives in the country. We call ourselves the First Nation. What about you? Who were your ancestors?" teased Cheyenne.

Lauren rolled her eyes. "Not much. My dad is a full blood Italian, mom was half Welsh and half German."

" A mutt, huh?"

"Shut-up." Lauren growled.

"Where's Wales?" Cheyenne asked.

Lauren took the last bite of her salad. She didn't get to eat much with Tilu has a food machine. " It's in the United Kingdom. Across from England."

Cheyenne shook his head and pushed his empty plate to the side. " I have no idea where that is." Lauren laughed and took a sip of her water. "For a sixteen year old, you sure don't really your geography."

"I'm not sixteen." Cheyenne said. Lauren looked at Cheyenne to see if he was serious. There was no hint in his eyes. " Are you seventeen then?" she guessed.

"Wrong. I'm eighteen."

Lauren spitted the water from her drink. "Why the hell then are you in my grade?"

"What do you mean?"

"I'm in tenth grade. Usually people your age are seniors." Lauren pointed out.

"Oh, that." Cheyenne folded his arms and leaned back. "The school at my reservation was a little behind on the whole educational thing."

"If your eighteen, then why do you have to move in with your mom?"

Cheyenne shrugged his shoulder's. "Well I hardly knew her most of my life, and I thought it was time to change things. Besides, I just turned eighteen."



Lauren was quiet for moment. She wasn't sure what she should say. "Happy Birthday." she whimpered out. Cheyenne laughed. "Thanks. When's yours?"

"Not for awhile. It's in December." Lauren gazed out at the dance floor. Tilu remembered Lauren's promise and tugged her hair. Lauren was about to answer to Tilu's complaint when suddenly, a crowd at the door caught her attention.

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