Waking up is hard to do,
For life as dreams is nice--
When you are not aware that you are dreaming.
But both are a fragile state,
And once broken, only
Progression can take place.

But sometimes does it feel like
You can't peel open your eyes
Because of what you know you'll see?
Sometimes do you try to hide
And keep the dream alive, or keep
The part of you that never knew?

But once you know, you can only go
Up and out and ahead,
And every path is darker than the last,
But every ray of light
Shines brighter than the past.

The lights get fewer and further between
As you push further out of the dream,
And you realize newer and harder things
To dream about. And every day
That you ignore that flame that now
Cannot go out, it pains
The soul and you know it is the dour
Pain of restlessness.

Some mornings seem greater,
And everything's fated as everything falls into place.
Everything you see was there before,
But now you take notice for now you are awake.

And some nights are so isolated,
Because the waking are an island to their own,
Not by choice but by mind, by masses.
Sometimes these islands are less alone
As people with same goals cross paths and
Touch and fasten.
Each knows the other
As each knows their own soul.

So each one, alone, is together,
And each one, forgotten, lives forever.