your obscene word eyes, melt into my thighs, and tear me apart
and you choke on your lies, as your conscience confides, with your twisted heart

you ask you no questions, so you'll pretend you'll be true
but all the confessions, you'll make to you
will be reminders, of times long forgotten
and as your mind stirs, it is spoiled rotten
amusing to watch you, drive drunken curvy
confusing to listen, to you think you're all worthy
operate as a watch, consistent with seconds
and hold the rope taught, as the fall beckons

mind full of wheels, gears never turning
and nothing conceals, the warning, the burning
and watch as I twitch, and struggle with fate.
add to the flames, as my skin melts
and feel no shame, don't feel what I've felt
kill me for practicing, things that are wicked
and still be acting, because you walk in the thicket

the woods, they are dark, you summon a spell
and the feuds that you spark, will damn you to hell
you call upon night, but you burned me for this
I drank up the light, you blot out the bliss
this was my sentence, but to black arts you devote
but now feel my presence, and my cold hands at your throat
I come up behind, and grin evily as I strangle
and I let my cruel mind, leave your head to dangle

Copyright 1999 by Susanne Estelle Hendrickson