Waking Dreams

Wide open eyes
Cloudy and green,
Watch as time flies...
Sees the unseen.

Drifts through the air
Heavy without weight,
Missing worldly care
In a trancelike state.

Mirror to the inside
Slowly begins to close...
All the feelings hide
In places no one knows.

The feeling's gone away
Burning strongly from within.
Dreams, they do not stay,
But playing once again...

The emptiness is vivid,
So colorless and bold.
And happiness is morbid--
The fire's burning cold.

Orbits in a spinning sphere,
A path that leads to black...
Nowhere there and anywhere here,
With no trails left to track.

The mirrored globes awaken,
Sets light upon a face.
There's truly no mistaken
The fullness of empty space.

Walking feet never hit the ground
The body feels not a thing
Makes a speech that has no sound
But emotion it does bring.

When the soul is lost in thought,
Lost in time, it seems...
Stand back and witness someone caught
In another waking dream.