Feral words
Wild prose aimed at heaven knows
Vicious verse
Abuse aglow with wit and woe

Tell me if this bit's impractical
Warn me when I've lost control
Or exact it in ways not sensible

And I apologize
To those that I've offended
When worst of all, I meant it

I apologize
To whom I've condescended
Raged on as I intended

Except for you

Forked tongued
Furious with petulant hate
Spitefully sprung
Summoned to sing but built to berate

Stop me if this is unbearable
Too heavy-handed to handle
Or a stunt that I've already pulled

So I apologize
For all this anguished allegory
For one long substandard surly story

I apologize
For willful wanton worry
For every intellective injury

But not to you

Fuck you, you backward cunt
I've no remorse for being blunt
This time

Go fuck off with your fickle front
The walls are up and the war is won
This time

So shut the fuck up and burn in hell

Though I must apologize
For broken hearts and bludgeoned feelings
To all the victims of my annealing

Except for you

And I'm sorry