It's always my endless night.

A stream of sunlight breaks through the dark room.

Hello sun..

The bed feels warm and comfortable. I yawn and try to stretch but I'm restrained by the pressure on my side.. the muscular arm lying across my side. No wonder I felt like I was being suffocated.

O god…wait…o god o god…no no no NO!

A hot breath passes down my ear and I turn my head to see Michael asleep. I shove his arm off of me like it smelled or was diseased and jumped out of the bed. I realize then that the clothes I'm supposed to be wearing from the night before were scattered across floor.

What the Hell was I thinking..wait I wasn't thinking…I was drunk! Well no this can't be that bad, I mean we've had sex before…wait we had sex? O shit we did!!

Michael was obsessed with me, which is somewhat my fault because he's we were lovers…minus the love part and just sex.

It was a twist of a situation because the roles are usually switched with the genders, but I was never your stereo typical girl either.

I quickly put on my clothes quietly, hoping not to wake him. The floor is covered in garbage, Michael's clothes, magazines, etc. It would be like looking for a pin in a hay stack when it came to my car keys. After ten minutes of searching, a glint of metal pokes underneath an old pizza box.


With one small jingle of the keys, a small groan comes from the bed.

O shit.

"Elizabeth…wha…where are you going?" his eyes cracked open and his hair was ruffled. He turned around and looked at his alarm clock. "It's seven am, are you even sober to drive?..Come back to bed"

I shake my head, "No it's okay Mike, I feel fine. Jackie's probably waiting for me…um…I don't remember calling her last night…so she might be worried…Frankly, I don't quite remember anything…"

Other than fucking your brains out. Lie, yes, lie and he won't try and get attached

"You don't..? Nothing..? We spent the whole night together, you weren't even that drunk..well no you did try streaking down the street…but yeah, we hung out the whole night, you called me…" He mumbled.

Wow..streaking?...really I thought I was done being that immature while intoxicated…

"Please stay Lizzy…," This time he opened his eyes more, adjusting to the light.

But even through his endless pleas got harder to reject over these past months, I just couldn't submit to his emotional wants.

"Mike I'm sorry, but I have to go. You know it's over. You knew that when I called you. Why do you put yourself through this?" There was no reason to yell but he was just so frustrating. The poor guy was torturing himself.

This is just too much to handle right now. My mind can't handle this, for Christ sake it's seven in the morning.

He just stares and after a while, lays his head on the pillow. There's no point in good byes, it's probably best to just leave.

I walk out of his bed room, through the hall way, and out the front door. There was no need for a discussion, one that would probably grow into an argument. Mike knew better whenever I called him. It wasn't love, like, or missing him. I used him, and obviously still used him for sex, so why did he even bother? He's the guy here, he should enjoy the situation.

The grass was moist and the air was crisp. I took a deep inhale and enjoyed the morning weather. Nobody ever saw me out this early in the morning. I can't remember being out in the sunlight like this. It was refreshing…but I needed some sleep.

The soft chink of keys twirling in my fingers was the only sound other than birds chirping. I unlocked the door and sat in the car, for a moment. The steering wheel wasn't exactly the most comfortable pillow.

Why did I call him? I don't even like him! I can get and screw any man in that place and not be called a whore. But for some unfathomable reason I decide to call him!

I bet everyone got a real kick out of that down at underworld. The best, illegal hang out on the face of New York. Cage fighters, prostitutes, gambling, sex, drinks, drugs, anything can happen there. Even stranger seemed to be enjoying the fight last night.

The engine gives a low rumble as I turn the key in the ignition. I pull out my trustee lighter and light a smoke. Time to get home, rest up, and live the night. Again.

After a half hour of driving through morning traffic, I finally make it back to my apartment. The flight of stairs was pretty easy to handle, considering I was sober. Quietly I unlock the front door, careful not to wake Jackie.

She must still be asleep.

Obviously I still needed sleep when I threw the keys on the table and accidentally aimed at the fridge. Our apartment had a kitchen, living room, dining room, and two bed rooms with on narrow hall. It's a decent small little home for us two wanderers.

At the end of the hallway was the door to my room. When I opened the door, a breeze of fresh picked roses hit my face.

Roses. My favorite flower...basically any girls favorite flower. They were lying on my desk, blooming with a crimson red. I've never really discovered my secret admirer. My guess has always been Michael because he would be the only man sweet and considerate enough to send me roses. The room's scent had adjusted to roses because they were always delivered here once a week.

My laziness took over and I didn't even bother taking off my clothes from the night before.

Good bye sun…

"I don't care, we had a deal and you pay up!"

Zak's vein looked like it was ready to burst of out his neck. People were just arriving at underworld and the place wasn't hopping yet. Zak and I were the only ones standing on the lowest level, the fighter's cage. The place could come across being a theater house if there had been any chairs, no bars, and no glow lights.

"Please, I need more time. I've always paid you the deposits you've needed. Just give me another week and you'll have your money," Damn I was even begging and he still would not relent over this.

I was no dog. But to him, my tail always found a way between my legs.

"Listen Liz, I let you take on your brothers debt, which I have never allowed any of my clients do before but you… yeah I made an exception because of your reputation..But NOW! Now you fall back on your word!" He yelled, moving closer to me, leaving only a few inches of space.

Awkward, scary, and intimidating.

I may be a tough girl but Zak could crush me with one hand. The man looked like he's been taking steroids since he came out of his mom's womb. He's so close; I can feel his hot breath on my cheek. Disgusted, I turn my face away from him, from the smell of alcohol and musk.

My eyes try to find something to stare at, anything to stare at, just to not look at Zak. Then I found him. Stranger was here early and had obviously taken a keen interest on what was happening between Zak and I.

He was always here, every night. But he never interacted with anyone. Nobody messed with him though; he had this aurora of being dangerous, somebody you would never want to meet down a dark alley. His skin was pale, like all of ours. We were night lifers and rarely did we have the energy for the day. His features were dark and handsome. Stranger could get any of the ladies here, if he wasn't so intimidating. Oh and his name, Stranger, it's because he hasn't ever mentioned his name to anyone, so we named him.


My headed nodded, my lips trembled. I look to floor and away from his gaze.

"Yes, you're right. You'll get your money on time…" My eyes stared at the ground. I couldn't dare meet Zak's glare.

Underworld was the perfect name for this place. It was for tourists who were mobsters, gamblers, pimps, and criminals. But to me, it matched the name perfectly for what this place meant to me. It was Hell.

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