A/N: If somebody does like this song, try to make some actually rhythm for it... I just wrote the lyrics. If anybody does find a good rhythm, post it on YouTube and PM me the link to the video.

Born again, born again
Into the wind
Tears I shed, blood I've bled
Scraping my skin

Feelings, I'm healing
Trying to find a way
Out of this coldness
Into somewhere not fake

Alone once more
Closing the doors
Escaping the hurt
Shoved into the dirt

Trying to be, What I see
Doesn't seem to be working for me
Better hide
Try and find
The answers to me

They can try
Try to find
Everything I want them to
But they won't, because they can't
The end is too close

Hoping for something that ain't gonna happen
Hoping for something that's too good to be true
Believing in everything I wish I could be
Believing in everything just to please you

Alone once more
Closing the doors
Pushed through the window
Losing all my hope

Hurts to find my inner peace
When the peace is broken shards
Doesn't hurt to find what's gone is gone
When remembering is so much harder

Closing the gap
Filling it up
Taping it over
Cementing it shut

Pain is envious to me, as I am bittersweet
Lost in my mind, the secrets that I keep
Closing the world off, is very freeing to me
Noises shut out, and I lose my sanity

Immune to my surroundings
My feet are off the ground
Head high up in the clouds
No way of bringing me down

Alone once more
Locking the doors
Finding an escape
To a secret place

Keys lock away
What I escape
I'm losing my mind
Voices shadowing
Serenity I'm trying to find

Breaking away from all that I know
Finding new places that I can go
Traveling into places of uncertainty
Walking with a pathetic fragility

Guilt is sweeping me over
But, may I ask a question?

Tell me if you've felt
That something wasn't right
Like keeping faith, when hope is lost
Or like your about to lose your mind

Acting out, just for attention
Leave me alone
Pretending like you're the only one
For the sake of acting up

I have given up on this
It's not possible
But I don't believe it's something I'll miss
It wasn't worth the trouble