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He woke up to find himself not in his bed but in hers... well not quite in – they were both on top of the doona with a sleeping bag over them.

She woke up to find herself being spooned. "Do you know how we got here?" she said as she rolled over to find him leaning on his elbow, looking at her.

"I was just about to ask you that."

She looked confused, "The last thing I remember is about half way through the movie last night – I think I fell asleep watching it. Oh well no harm done right?"


The next morning he woke up first again only this time to find her head on his chest, their arms around each other and their legs entwined ... a compromising position to be sure. Luckily – again – both still had their clothes on.

He looked straight at her eyes – and blinked; he hadn't realised that she was awake.

She yawned, "Happened again – this is a little bit weird."

"Yep," he agreed.

"Comfy too."


"Want to go back to sleep?


Little did she know he couldn't sleep – he was too busy drinking in her features. The way her eyelashes curled against her cheek, the way some of her hair had come out the pony tail and was softly curling; framing her face. He realised that he had not gotten over the 'crush' he had had on her when they were younger – if anything it had grown stronger.

Funnily enough she wasn't sleeping either; she just hadn't wanted to be released from his embrace. It was so warm and comforting. She could feel his muscles and almost sighed – he felt so good.

He ran his hand down from just underneath her shoulder blade to her hip, rolling her closer so they were now completely pressed against each other. Thinking he was asleep she moved her hand from his lower back and moved it up to his face – with her eyes still shut. She traced his eyes, nose, cheekbones and then lips with her fingertips. He almost groaned; it felt so good.

Comfortable and still tired both fell back to sleep not long after that.

"Let's play Truth or Dare!"

They both looked at his sister as if she was crazy.

"Yeah! It will give us something to do," agreed her older brother.

"I'll start," his sister jumped in. she looked straight at her, "Truth or Dare?


"Do you like my brother?"

"No" she paused as she saw his crestfallen face. "I love him and I always will. He was my first best friend. I still consider him one of my good friends even if we don't talk or see each other often."

She pointed to her brother, "Your turn next. Truth or Dare?"


"I dare you to kiss her."

"No!" Everyone turned to look at her, "It's... its just I've never been kissed before and I want it to be special; not a dare. With someone I'm in a relationship with hopefully. Now if you'll excuse me I'm going to get some fresh air."


She peered over the edge of the roof, "Hey."

"Can I come up?"

She grinned, "Sure."

They had been sitting on the roof – stargazing – when he suddenly spoke, "If a guy who liked you - hell he loved you – kissed you; would you kiss back even though you weren't in a relationship with him?"

"It depends on who that guy was."

He looked down at her and her face was so close to his he couldn't help himself; he kissed her.

"We might want to get off the roof." She whispered when he pulled away.

He looked at her confused.

"It's too hard to kiss you back if we're sitting here," she explained.

He grinned.

He climbed down the ladder first then as she reached the last step he turned her to face him and kisses her again. "I love you."

"I love you, too."

This time they woke up in the same bed, knowing how they both got there. She kissed his cheek and his arm tightened around her. She grinned at him, "Now just because I've let you share my bed doesn't mean you can take advantage of me – no groping – I would like to leave this bed with the same number of pieces of clothing as I have on now."

"Aww you're no fun." He grinned, "Not even a sock?"

She snuggled closer, "If I was going to take a sock off you would have to let me go and I don't want that."

"So did one of us sleepwalk or you think it was our siblings that caused us to end up in the same bed the first two times?"

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