The Wrong Turn to "Nowhere"

While I was walking down a road
- a little road, a normal road -
I made a wrong turn way back there;
I think somewhere near that tree there.

As it grew dark, the shadows bode
- of fear they bode, of shadows bode -
That I should probably take care;
if I took care, they wouldn't care.

I saw a sign ahead of me
- ahead of me, beside a tree -
And on it neat was nicely writ,
"As it was writ, you see it writ."
Below, it was addressed to me,
"Welcome to Nowhere, Nobody."

I looked around, but that was it.
The sign was it; I only saw it.
I looked around a little more,
a moment more, and spied a door.

A little person then stepped out
- he just stepped out; yes, he stepped out -
I thought "I have met him before."
I mused as I went to the door.
I was clueless to what this was all about
and wanted to shout. Ah, yes, to shout...

While I was thinking, it got cold
- so very cold, a freezing cold -
So forced was I to the little man go
- I had to go; nowhere else to go -
To get warm and have my story told,
his story told, places stories told.
He invited me in, and in I go.
Inside I go. Warm inside, and so...

And so I went inside the door
- in through the door, into the door -
And here I'll stay forever more
in "Nowhere," just inside the door.

A/N: This is a very old poem of mine that I thought I'd lost years ago and only rediscovered yesterday.Even though it's more than 5 years old, I still quite like it. n.n

FictionPress did not like my formatting, so I had to modify the punctuation and alignment. It's readable now, but I stil like the original format best.