Hello, Shadow

Hello, Shadow. How are you?
I should know,
But I don't want to.

Hello, Shadow. How've you been
In your dark little corner
Of my self?

Hello, Shadow. Why're you here?
I shut you away
So long ago.

Hello, Shadow. Would you please go away?
I don't like you at all.
You're cruel and heartless.

Hello, Shadow. What's this you say?
You've never been
Very far away?

That you still peek through every now and then,
And that I'll never truly be rid of you?
That I'm really as wicked as you whisper to me,
That just hearing those thoughts is the proof?

Hello, Shadow. You're here to stay?
I don't think so!
Go away!

I'll bury you deeper,
I'll deny you exist,
I'll hide you away
'til you wither to dust.
And if that fails,
(which it never will),
I'll get outside help
Because it isn't my fault
That I'm not as good
As I thought I was.

I blame it all on you.