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O n e s h o t

"Horrible Mistake"

By: Penelope P.

The Devil grinned wickedly and stared down at her broken body. Her mangled wings spread out painfully from her body and her bruises ached. The last Angel was dying and The Devil stood and watched.

He circled her slowly like a predator going in for the kill. Her eyes never left his. The sound his boots made against the cool damp earth echoed through her body. He laughed; deep, slow. "You don't look so well." He smirked as he knelt beside her.

She couldn't speak. She couldn't move. The pain was everywhere. She watched his eyes roam over her dying body. He was pleased. Her chest heaved with every gasp she took. The blood in her mouth was thick and rolling down the corners of her lips.

He'd won and he knew it. Seeing her in this way made his blood pump faster. A tear rolled down the corner of her eye as she stared blankly at him. He touched his finger to the droplet before it could disappear into her once beautiful hair. It burned, just as her skin did.

His eyes watched her chest as she gasped for every breath. The small gold cross, which lay on a thin chain between her breasts, annoyed him. He ripped it from her neck and crushed it between his powerful hands. "God can't help you now." He growled. "You're going to die here because God can't help you."

No emotion ran through her eyes. He didn't like that. He wanted to watch her beg, to plead him for her life. But, she didn't. She only stared up at him with her watery eyes.

A small moan escaped her as she tried to fill her lungs. He laughed. It was so very amusing to him. A burning sensation ran up his hand and he realized she'd touched his skin. He growled down at her, then leaned in. "How dare you." He barked. "You disgust me." His cool breath fanned her face and she closed her eyes.

Then, with every ounce of life she had left she reached her hand up, wrapped it around his neck, lifted her head up and pressed her lips against his.

The shock was so overwhelming to him, he didn't know whether to shove her away or slap her. She tightened her hand into his hair as her lips moved slowly against his. At first he was appalled, but before he could do anything about it something warm instead of burning wrapped up his senses.

The heat was first in his lips, then his tongue. It moved swiftly down his throat and deep into his chest where it seemed to pulse through his veins. Everything was warm, his skin, her skin, and her lips. His heart began to beat against his ribs so fast he thought he was going to be sick. The warmth was addictive. He wanted more. He could feel his body giving in to the sensation. His fingers trailed along her neck, into her hair. His lips were moving slowly with hers. Everything in his mind was telling him to stop, to kill her, but she was so warm.

His arm wrapped around her frail body and pulled her closer. He wanted more of her. His hand tangled in her hair, but it wasn't enough. He wanted and needed more.

It was over before it truly began. Her body fell limp his arms, her head rolled back, and her body went cold. He stared down at her face, her beautiful face. It was suddenly the most beautiful thing he'd ever seen. He shook her, hoping she would gaze up at him with her large calm eyes. But, she didn't. She never would. She was gone.

A tear, his first tear, rolled down his cheek and fell onto her smooth skin. He'd made a horrible mistake. And now it was too late. He was alone forever.

Hey, If this looks familar that's because it is. I found this old story on my computer when I was looking for a song. I rewrote it because it needed a touch up. So here it is again. If this is you're first time reading it then, cool. Enjoy.