-Just Words, Lovely-

how do I know who to hurt, who to love, who to lose
whose dreams will mean to me, enough to come true
yours do, my dear, and I don't want to hurt you
but I don't want to choose... or lose
there are pieces of me which are with you always
those pieces of me you will always hold
it's not your choice if you want to let go
for never before have I felt so safe
never before have I seen this beauty
never before have you been this ageless
lonely, Lovely, chasing after duty
Apathy, on your path to me, past and been, now known as Lovely
just give your longing the voice it yearns
unleash, release, your every tear and hurt
let all your vulnerabilities and weaknesses be heard
go after the honesty you deserve
just say the words
and he is gone
just tell me what you're worrying on
because there are no mortal threats to you
yet, without confessions of what weakens you
how can I be expected to choose?
I think you know, Lovely
I think you always knew that you're my noose
losing hold, and letting go, allowing that to happen is refused
what's meant to be and SHOULD my sweetie
cannot be changed by being greedy
there will always be places in my heart for you to rest
there will always be vacancies there for when you need a place to sleep
has fatigue taken over yet? then sleep, my sweetie, dream
and if you need
there will always be home here for you
so you never have to feel alone
this place in me is safe
along with everything I reciprocate
you never have to be afraid
of asking me to be devoted and wait
of this you can be sure
you can fearlessly ask for more
but what is it you're hurting for?
my patience for you lives endlessly
it never stops to bleed or breathe
for you, devotion is all I taste
defying the casualties of war, withstanding age
so I offer you the love you deserve
I want to show you what you're worth
it's SO much more than whithering hurt
it's so much more than the pain you've learned
just say the words
and call yourself mine, call me yours
I've named you Lovely in all adore
but I cannot decide to be alone and unsure
all you have to do is speak
and he becomes a memory
I'll be the most excruciating beauty you've ever seen
I'll be your home
I'll be the deepest most honest love you've ever known
just say the words, Lovely
and I'll raise your standards to match your worth.

Copyright 2001 by Susanne Estelle Hendrickson