Chapter One

The alarms blared to life as soon as his hand broke the beam of protective light that surrounded the blood amulet. He clenched it, yanking out of its metal vice, inadvertently snapping the weak contraption and setting off more alarms, and alerting more guards to the burglary.

Adrian cursed.

"Let's go."

Cassandra was already moving, and even under this kind of pressure Adrian was able to admire the agility and grace of his lovers body as she ran, striking down a couple of guards as she flitted past. There were more guards waiting for them at the exhibition door, guns pointed at them.

Cassandra shot Adrian a glance over her shoulder, smirking wickedly, a fearless glint in her emerald eyes. She attacked one of the men, kicking him in the legs so he went down like a bowling pin, screaming as the bones cracked like kindling. The other took aim and there was a rally of shots, the bullets pounding into Cassandra's chest and midsection.

Adrian watched, pausing as Cassandra's head was lowered, her face down, her long black hair hiding her face, blood pouring from the bullet wounds, flowing down the shiny black leather of her one-piece suit. The guards were panting, still holding the smoking guns, aimed at her bosom, their faces distorted with disbelief.

The fools had no idea.

There was a low rumble. Like thunder. Like the growl of an enraged beast. The sound grew louder and the guards looked around, confused, their eyes darting around the hall for the source of the unusual noise. It reached its peak and everything changed. The bemusement in the eyes of the guards became terror and then transformed into death.

Cassandra had lashed out with a snarl, grasping one of closer guards by the neck, wrapping her fingers around his throat and pulling him to her. He screamed like a little girl as she sank her fangs into his throat, ripping the flesh brutally, blood spurting from the wound as the guard beat at her uselessly. She sucked the blood quickly, the life-force sliding from her lips and rolling down her pale chin. When she has finished she dropped him and he fell like a sack of old potatoes, drained and dead.

The other guards, who had been trapped in a suspended state of shock, suddenly seemed to realise the danger they were in. They started shooting at Cassandra and Adrian, calling to each other, screaming as another one of taken and Cassandra broached their veins.

Adrian laughed evilly and stalked to one of the guards. The man was desperately shooting him, his face twisted with horror as some of the bullets passed right through Adrian's shoulder but didn't even stop him in his stride. He sized the petrified man and felt that thrill of fear as he buried his newly sprouted fangs into his unprotected throat. He gulped the blood, savouring the sensation of life slipping down his throat as the man's spark slowly faded and he became just another dead human.

Cassandra was in her element, a ripple of speed, a merciless killing machine that took pleasure in executing humans. He knew that she enjoyed it even more when the humans were clueless, unprepared. That sense of disbelief and denial just added to their fear of the unknown.

And they were the unknown. The unwanted. The undead. Mere human men with guns couldn't spoil their mission.

The number of shots eventually began to decrease as more and more guards died. Some fled, leaving their fellow colleagues to their bloody fate. Whoever was paying them wasn't paying them enough for this.

The last shot rang out just before the man Adrian had been drinking from fainted. He didn't kill him; instead he removed his fangs from his throat and flung him across the room. The man slammed into the wall, bounced off it, and landed on the floor, where he lay motionless, one of the few survivors and witnesses to the crime.

Tale wouldn't be pleased. He always liked things clean cut and simple. Everyone accounted for. Everyone dead. No survivors. No witnesses. But the lucky bastard was going to get more than he bargained for after sending them on their latest job.

Then again, Sullivan wouldn't be particularly happy to see one of his most prized possessions stolen from right under his nose before he had even had a chance to study it and test its true potential.

Slurping sounds filled the room as Cassandra finished off her last meal. She chucked the guard carelessly to one side, beaming at him, her fangs stained with blood, her eyes still gleaming red with the insatiable bloodlust.

Adrian chuckled as he sauntered to her and kissed her deeply, his tongue massaging hers as she held onto his shoulders and wrapped her legs around his waist, licking his lips clean of blood. He smiled and kissed her again, tasting it. The only thing that could satisfy him more than her was fresh human blood.

"We should get out of here," he whispered against her lips, "The police will be coming soon. You know the rules."

"But I haven't had my fill yet," she purred and then winked at him.

It was hard, in more ways than one, but Adrian had to stay strong.

"We have what we came for," he said firmly. He drew his head back as she pouted, sulking, the glint of desire still shining in her vibrant eyes.

"Fine," she sighed. She loosened her legs and slid from him, back onto her own black high heels. Her fangs still hadn't retracted. Neither had his. There was just too much human blood around.

Adrian turned to leave.

"What's it for?"

He stopped and looked at her exasperatingly.

"I'll tell you when we get home."

"I'd like to know now, seeing as though I'm riddled with bullets for it."


Adrian walked back to her. Cassandra had always been curious by nature, and he should have known that she would want answers before she would go any further will this.

"This…amulet is something amazing. Vampires have lived and died for it. They have searched the earth over and over for it. Few have seen it. Few even believe in its existence. But I knew it, when I saw it, that it was the real deal."

"But what does it do?"

"It grants power," he revealed with a sharp toothed grin, "Power beyond your dreams."

Cassandra smiled slyly.

"Sounds good to me. Let me see it."

Adrian unfurled his fist. He had been holding the amulet during the entire killing spree. It was dripping with the blood of innocent men.

"This is the blood amulet…and it's all ours."