The Sight Chronicles, Book 1


by SightSpirit

Chapter 1:


Alien. My nickname. It fits me. I may be an alien. I am the only ten-year old in the House without the Future Sight. These are the thoughts that flowed through ten-year-old Lars' mind.

Being almost eleven and without the Future Sight is always a bad sign. Lars was the only ten-year-old in the House of Sight without it. This earned him the nickname "Alien." Only a few of the adults and Elders treated him human. All of the children either called him Alien or stayed clear of him altogether.

The short, black-haired boy got up from his desk. Always cluttered with drawings of different dreams he had, Lars' desk was never organized.

Lars walked to his door and looked back at his room, his personal place, where no one could shoot insults at him. He stared around his room at his desk, bookshelf, dresser, bed, and the case with a glass-door containing the sword his father had left him after he died. It was as if he were leaving his private place, his domain, for good; although, he was only leaving for dinner (and some fresh name-calling and insults).

Lars began the walk to the dining hall. The last person he had wanted to meet in the long hallway was Keln, Master of the House.

"Good evening, Alien," Keln said casually, as if Lars' name really was Alien. Lars walked past without a "hello" or a "good evening." Keln didn't seem to notice Lars' ignorance. This was a typical conversation between Lars and Keln. A one-way, one-sentence conversation.

Five minutes later, Lars was sitting at the Children's Table on the other side of the table from the younger kids. He reluctantly picked up a chicken wing. He slowly bit into the greasy wing. When he finished, Lars looked down at his plate. It was gone. He looked across the table; he saw a nine-year-old sneering at him, holding up a chicken wing. He had two plates in front of him.

Before Lars could do anything, two loud claps echoed through the dining hall. Everyone looked toward the front of the room. Keln stood there, looking out at the Denizens. This was normal. Lars didn't make eye contact with him. This was also normal.

"DISMISSED!" Keln bellowed. Everyone started scrambling to the doors.

Lars had just reached the doors, when a short, muscly ten-year-old stepped in front of him.

"Where ya' goin', Alien?" the boy asked in a slightly boastful voice. This was normal, as well.

"Back to my room," Lars retorted, as if it were the most obvious thing in the world. "Isn't that where you're going, Wendell?"

Wendell just grunted. He walked away. Lars followed.

When he got to his room, Lars sighed. It had been a very normal day. Something exciting should happen, he thought. Like my Receiving. When I get the Future Sight! He yawned. He thought, This Alien needs to lie down and go to sleep. And so he did.

Author Notes: This is one of the shortest chapters in the story. The main purpose of the chapter was merely to introduce the main character.

This is a work of fiction. Any likeness of the characters to real people is entirely coincidental.