Chapter 4:

Total Outcast

For the first time in his relatively short life, Lars felt reasonably normal. It was a good feeling. Lars became more friendly with some others. One particular individual that Lars became close to was Martha, one of the Elders.

Martha was a kind woman, probably in her seventies, Lars thought. She had long, white hair that was always tied in a bun. She was frail, her face was wrinkly, and she was a little fragile, but Lars didn't mind. Another interesting fact was that she was mother. The mother of…Keln!

Lars put that fact aside and made friends with the Elder. She cared and treated him like a mother. When he was down, which he often was, Martha would cheer him up.

Yet, except for Martha and the few other people that respected him, the hatred for Lars grew in everybody. Here was this boy who they all thought would never get the Future Sight. They found out they were right, in a way. This messed-up child Received the Sight of Time, an adult's pride! No ten-year-old Receives the Sight of Time unless he or she is from another planet!

So, while Lars' self-esteem was boosted for the rest of the day after the Receiving, he realized he would not be thought of as normal but as more alien than before, and his self-esteem went back to "normal." That realization came the day after the Receiving, in his Studies class.

Studies was school for the children twelve and below. Until the students were ten and Received the Future Sight, they learned math, reading, the history of the House of Sight, and the geography of their planet, Vislia. When they Received the Future Sight, they learned how to use it on command, as well as the rules of using it.

Lars was both excited and nervous about entering his new Studies class. He was unsure whether it would help him learn about the Sight of Time, though.

He knew he was at least slightly out of place when he crossed the threshold into the classroom; everyone was glaring at him. The teacher, Carson, gazed at Lars with a disappointed expression blanketing his face. All of it greatly unnerved the boy.

"Now that everybody's here," Carson began, "let's begin."

Lars took his seat. He panned around the room to see who his classmates were. Nearly everyone was unfamiliar. Except for one: Wendell. When the two rivals locked eyes, Wendell's expression changed from tough to one of pure hatred.

Lars was taken aback. He thought Wendell would at least have treated him with slightly more respect now that he had the Sight of Time. He looked around again and noticed many of his classmates shooting looks of disgust at him.

The truth dawned on Lars. Now he was even more unlike his peers. He had a power superior to theirs. They were envious. He was different. The boy called Lars would never be normal. Ever.

Lars struggled to focus on his lessons. At one point, Carson instructed the students to Look into the future. Lars was too afraid to oblige. He might Look into the past by accident, embarrassing himself in front of his classmates.

After Studies, Lars rushed back to his bedroom, eager to get away from the monsters that were the other Denizens. He lay on his bed, weeping away the rest of the day. For he was now much more than an alien. Lars was a total outcast.

Lars, his face still damp, was reading book on the origins of the House of Sight, when somebody knocked on his door.

"Whosit?" Lars asked sleepily, his words slurred and blended together.

"Martha!" came the Elder's jolly voice.

"Come in," Lars mumbled. The old, wrinkly woman entered the room, smiling as if all was well in the world and there was no such thing as sadness.

"What's wrong, love?" she asked when she saw Lars, who was still slightly puffy-eyed. "Bad day?" Lars nodded. "Tell me what happened."

Lars went on to tell her about how everybody stared at him when he got to class, about Wendell's look of pure hatred, about his peers' disgusted looks, and finally about his reluctance to Look into the future.

" We all have days that aren't exactly how we want them to be," Martha said. "All we can do is hope that tomorrow will be better." She stood up and walked to the door. When she reached the threshold, she looked back and suggested, " You should come to dinner tonight. Eating is good for your mood." The she walked away.

Lars pondered over what the Elder had said. Tomorrow will be a better day! he decided. I will prove to Wendell, Keln, and everybody that I can do great things! The only problem is that I have nothing to prove yet, he added gloomily. Something will happen sometime! I just have to keep up hope! And he didn't stop hoping.

Author Note: In the last part of the chapter, Martha's lesson to Lars is a lesson to us all! Hope for a better tomorrow, people! Hope for a better tomorrow!

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This is a work of fiction. Any likeness of the characters to real people is entirely coincidental.