The Fourth of September
11 August 2008
7:16 P.M.

The fourth of September,
Year two k
My wonderful Nannie
was taken away.

I didn't understand
at only thirteen
How my awesome God
could be so mean.

Unbelievably it's
been eight years,
and to think of her now
my eyes fill with tears.

But I'm all grown up now,
age twenty-one,
And I know now she's with
The Father and Son.

They're holding her close,
loving her so.
And she's watching us now
This I truly know.

Nannie, we all miss you.
We can't wait
Until we see your face
at Heaven's Gate.

We only have to wait
a little while
And before we know it
We'll see your smile.

The fourth of September
Two thousand
You went up to heaven,
But we'll see you again.