Loss and Death

"It is better to of loved and lost, then to of never of loved at all." Tell that to someone who has lost everything they loved, but are still here. Neighbors and friends crowd around and weep for the man who has lost everything, his wife he fell for years ago, his daughter who he tucked in every night, and his house that had been his home for years. No tears fill his eyes as he looks with a deep empty longing at what was once his life, where he laughed and cried, where others lived and died. All in one moment, he falls to the ground while tears pour out of his eyes like a faucet and laughter flows from his lips like a bitter wind. He does what many people like him have done, the one's who've lost everything, he gives up. A bullet and a gun, is pulled from its holder, as he brings it to his temple, to end his life. His friends shout out for him to stop but even all together their voices fall on deaf ears, he only has one thought on his mind at the moment. A click can be heard in his empty world as he readies himself to see his family again, until something stops him. A lone cry from the crowd is heard as it shatters the empty darkness, "daddy," a little girl of no more then six cries, a woman in tow behind her. Even covered in soot and with their clothes burnt, he can still recognize them as he rushes over in a strong embrace, gun forgotten. He hugs them, for what seems like an eternity to him, but he doesn't care, nor does he care about his house that's burning in the distance. As he cradles his wife and daughter, he knows that everything is right with his world once again. They say, "it is better to of loved and lost then to of never of loved at all," but ask someone like the man, and he'll tell you, the world is better when you don't loose anything at all.