It's finally here

It's finally here

It's finally come

The time where I thought it would come together

I didn't think it would be this way

I just can't understand

Why it seems so wrong

Everything is different

From the way I planned

I can't bear this pain now

This sorrow

This is the end

I've been waiting for

But now I want to wait some more

I know the moment I close my eyes

The days will fly on by

If I only stay awake

Tomorrow will never come

I wouldn't have worry

I would have to cry

If I can only stay awake

Everything will be alright

I'm not ready for the world yet

Even though its ready for me

I just need to stay awake


And this night will never end

No more future

All there is tonight

If I stay awake tonight

I will be safe

Yet I know

Tomorrow will come

Even though I'm still awake

There's nothing left to do

Just to go to sleep

Maybe I can escape in my dreams

Maybe I'll find peace in my dreams

Maybe I'll find you in my dreams

If only tomorrow never came