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Sunlight steamed through the canopy of the forest. Light flickered and danced on the fallen leaves and grass at every sway of the trees as the wind passed through their limbs. Though the shade was more prominent in the forest, the little bit of light kept the area lit just enough to be able to see. The air was warm for it was summer after all, but it was not so hot as to be burning. This area of the world was not known for smoldering hot summers, but for spring year around weather.

The forest was a dense one, in most places, but the paths that twisted in it stood out. The only real inhabitants of the forest seemed to be birds of all kinds that had no problem flying through the area. The forest, as most called it, was actually known as the Forest of Vuthin, since the village of Vuthin lay just a mile from it. The other inhabitants of the forest were believed to be demons that would come out of the forest to stalk and kill the livestock of the village, since the village primarily consisted of farms. The real culprits of the livestock killings were wolves, but the villagers did not know this.

The villagers of Vuthin had since declared the forest off limits to villagers. Since the forest was a major travel through spot for travelers, they could not completely restrict the forest from everyone. A young boy, around twenty, shuffled his way through the forest. He seemed to be lost, or at the time of his hurried travel was he lost. The boy kept his hand to his head, as if he had a headache, his violet eyes squinted through the small amounts of light that glittered around him, his shaggy blond hair kept falling into his face, but the slight breeze seemed to make it difficult for him to keep it out of his face. He came to a slightly open area of the forest. In this area, the grass seemed more spread out from the small treaded road, leaves were still prominent in the area. A small rotted out log lay a short distance from where he was. He decided that it would probably be best to take a rest by the log, as he had already started to head in that direction, but he never made it. The boy collapsed from exhaustion just a few feet from the log.