The Dancer

The Dancer

By: mind.of.wonder

I can't stop looking at her beautiful face

While she is dancing with outstanding grace

A lady with a mesmerizing smile

If only she can be in my arms, even for a while


As she performs her magnificent dance

I ask God for a fighting chance

For this dancer has taken all of me

I have already given her my heart's key


Every step she takes makes me want her more

For this feeling has reached my heart's core

As the final act gets underway

I repeat in my mind the words I want to say


Now the dance has come to a close

She makes her final pose

I don't want it to end, so I shout for an encore

But it is over, there is no more.


The curtains close and the lights go dark

I can no longer see her shining spark

As I try to get a final glance

I think of how my heart was taken by just one dance