On the way.

Although our ways were different,
I wanted to think we could walk together,
until that day you started to run
and I stopped because I couldn't catch up with you.

Suddenly the way looked very long,
I didn't think there was an ending.

I wasn't ready to lose what at the time
I thought was important to me;
though to grow means
to lose something and change,
I wanted to be the person you used to know.

Stuck in a way full of daisies, no matter how hard I tried
I stepped on them all though I didn't want to.
How many times does a child think everything's forever?
Slowly, slowly, something in me crushed too.

A lot of people say eternity never existed
even if I didn't want to believe a such thing,
I don't know when I first realized it was true,
maybe I just walked with your shadow
since you chose a way where daisies don't shrivel.

Now I understand, actually I never found my way,
I just waited for you to join me
and I carry on waiting,
even if nobody can take somebody else's way.

I'll walk without a direction,
but who knows if there will be
a permanent way throughout this life?

I got frightened when I realized I left you behind
and if I look back, you were a part of my way
which I went once.

I wasn't ready to lose you.


simpleplan13 , you're a good beta, thank you :D