the chemistry's correct
october lies (august 23, 2008, 4:00am)

"all my unspoken fears, my unshed tears, they all need somewhere to go.
and i think this works just fine for them."
my megan, my first-love

She dissolves in your arms and forgets about all the promises you made, but broke, all your vows that you never kept. She melts against the burning heat that is your skin, forgetting about all the things you never say, because she's so in love with you that it just doesn't matter anyway. She's so in love with you that all the loveache in the world could never make her stop from seeing you, from looking at you the way she does. She fools herself at night, telling herself that you're just a forgetful person and scatterbrained, but deep down, she knows the truth, can taste all the lies.

But she still believes that everything will be okay in the end, because there's no such thing as forever, no such thing as endless and eternity and bottomless, so she doesn't have to worry about things forever being this way.

And she still believes you when you say, "I'll never leave you," in that deep bass voice, because she doesn't want to believe anything else, and so instead dissolves in your arms and forgets all the promises you'll ever break.