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Chapter 1: Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice

- - -

"Mommy! Please don't make me go!!" I whined.

"You're going," she replied.

"But Mom, Brad is going to try and make me have sex with him or something. That guy is such a skeez."

"Brad is a very nice young man and if you decide to have sex, remember to use protection."

"Mother!" I shouted in horror.

"What?" she asked as if she couldn't believe that I would have a problem with her telling me to use a condom.

"Mom, what if I stay home and you can go to the barbeque and I'll just do some spring cleaning? I'll even use bleach. Everything will smell sanitized and delicious when you get back, you'll love it!"

"It's July, Samantha. That's a little late to be doing spring cleaning," my mother said in amusement.

"I like to think of it as getting an early start," I said hoping that she would not torture me again this year.

"We go over to the Henderson's every year for the 4th of July and you are coming and that's final, so go get dressed."

No such luck.

- - -

As we entered the Henderson's lake house, all I could hope was that Brad had finally decided to get over his crush on me. My mom had always thought it was the cutest thing that he liked me. When we were 5 years old he said that we were going to get married. Mom thought it was adorable; I threw a Barbie at him. When he came over to my house for my 10th birthday (by my mom's invitation not mine,) he announced that he loved me but this time it was in front of all my friends. I was so mortified that I almost died. It was on par with when I was on the monkey bars while wearing a dress and Tommy Sherman saw my Wonder Woman underpants and made fun of me for the rest of the year, I was only 8 at the time but the shame was still fresh. When you're ten, boys are icky and you don't love them, you barely tolerate them and only if everyone within a mile radius knows you hate those nasty dirty boys and are only talking with them because you are being forced to or else no ice cream of a week.

Mrs. Henderson answered the door and immediately pulled me in for one of those uncomfortable forced hugs. I always hated those, especially when my mom made me hug Brad.

"How are you doing, Sammy? You look so much more grown up then the last time I saw you," said Mrs. Henderson while she still kept an arm around me.

"Thanks Mrs. H," I said while trying to remove myself from physical contact.

"Now that you're 18, I think you should call me Marge," she said as she smiled at me, "Brad is in the back, why don't you go help him with the barbeque?"

"Ok," I said as I walked towards the person who had ruined every major holiday for me since I was born. Brad was never that bad, in fact he is a pretty cool guy, and it's not like he's bad looking or anything. But I always hated the fact that he would ask me out within the first 5 minutes of talking to him. I mean the only good thing about guys sexually harassing you is making fun of them after the fact with your girl friends and I had already made fun of him so many times that the charm had really worn off.

"Hi Mr. H. Hi Brad," I said as I walked out on to their deck. Mr. H had on a 'kiss the cook' apron, over a tie dyed red, white, and blue shirt. He had a theme shirt to go along with every major holiday, but my fondest memories were of him dressing up like the Easter bunny, when I was young.

"Hiya Sammy," said Mr. Henderson, "Why don't you and Brad go for a swim before dinner's ready? I'm just starting to heat up the coals so you guys have more than an hour, but no taking your suits off this time." I blushed wondering why he acts like I'm going to repeat something that I haven't done since I was 4 years old.

"Ok," I said as I turned to look at Brad.

He ran to grab some towels and we were on our way down the little path to the lake within 2 minutes.

"How are you doing Samantha?" Brad asked.

"I'm great," I lied.

"So are you still dating Jordan?" This question was always asked right after how are you.

"No, we broke up. I'm going to state and he's going to NYU. We thought it was best. . ."

"That's too bad," replied Brad and he actually sounded sincere.

I stopped walking right when we reached the steepest incline of the rocky dirt trail and turned to look at him. "You have been telling me what a jerk you think he is for years and now when we break up, you say, 'that's too bad!'"

He shrugged as a reply and walked past me down the hill towards the lake.

- - -

I had always been kind of scared to go swimming in the lake ever since someone told me that there were Water Moccasins living in there. So before I would ever dive in I always had to throw some rocks into the water to scare away any of the poisonous snakes that might be swimming too. I really do love the outdoors, but getting invenomated is not fun, well, not that I would know being that I've ever been bit by a snake before, but it doesn't sound fun. So as I walked along the rough, narrow beach collecting stones, Brad was putting on sun block and whistling The Star Spangled Banner to himself. His dirty blond hair fell into his eyes and his hands were covered with sun block, so he stuck out his lower lip and blew upward to get the hair out of his eyes. He then frowned the second that gravity dropped his hair back to its former position, and then proceeded to do it again.

I giggled at him and he looked at me in annoyance. I laughed again. I walked up to him and grabbed one of the bobby pins out of my hair and clipped his hair back. He looked so silly and adorable I had to smile at him.

"Thanks," he said cheerfully, not even knowing what a dork he looked like.

"No problem," I said, as I took off my clothes to reveal my bathing suit underneath. Grabbing my pile of stones, I started to toss them in the water.

"You still aren't over your fear of snakes?" he asked in amusement.

"I'm not afraid of snakes. I like all animals, including snakes. I'm afraid of dying a horrible painful death being bitten by a poisonous snake. There's a difference."

"You know that your rocks aren't going to scare them away. Water Moccasins are supposed to be really aggressive."

"Shut up."

"But most people don't die if they make it to the hospital in time, unless you get bitten in a major artery then you'll be dead too quick to worry about it. But too bad we're so far away from anything, out here in the middle of nowhere."

"Stop trying to freak me out!" I shouted at him.

He laughed and then said, "Sorry Sammy. Just come over here and I'll put some sun block on you."

Great! Now he wanted to try and cop a feel.

"I don't need any," was my quick reply.

"You're going to burn in half an hour and then you'll wish you put some on."

"I never burn."

"You always burn," He said in annoyance.

"I never burn, and besides that stuff never works, it's so overrated." I countered.

"Well, you're overrated!" He shouted at me.

He got me so pissed off, he had never yelled at me before, and he had always treated me like a goddess, so before my thoughts even traveled through my brain I said, "I thought you were in love with me, so why are you yelling at me?"

"I've moved on. I have a new girl now," He announced and I froze. He smiled when he noticed that I was obviously shocked with his revelation. As far as I knew, he had never had a girlfriend or even looked at another girl, even though I'm sure there were lots of girls who wanted to date him. But I was just so shocked by this little revelation, I mean when we got together for Memorial Day he still maintained the fact that we would one day get married, so what the Hell had changed?

"Her name's Maggie. She's gorgeous and I'm completely in love." He divulged in a moony voice and made me feel nauseous.

"Maggie?" I asked suddenly feeling jealous.

"Uh hmm, she's great. You'll love her, you'll probably get to meet her being that she might stop my after the fireworks tonight."

"Great." I said in a voice completely lacking of conviction. This wasn't great; in fact it was quite the opposite of being great.

I jump into the water without even throwing the rest of my stones, being that I was now on the look out for a Water Moccasin so I could catch it and toss it at Maggie. Is that really her name? That's the name of a 6-year-old girl or a Rottweiler-Shepard mix, not a girlfriend. The water was cool and felt wonderful on the hot day, but for some inexplicable reason the idea that Brad had a girlfriend really made me angry, and I didn't enjoy the nice weather. Why did I even care about Brad and Maggie? Was it because he was mean to me and even yelled at me, or was it because I like the idea of him liking me? That can't be it, I mean I always hated the fact that he had a crush on me, and I hate that he would always tell everyone that I'm his girl or whatever embarrassing crap he decided to spew. I should be glad that he's moved on. I honestly can't believe that he didn't forget about his infatuation with me when I started to date Jordan. I mean we went out for 2 ½ years and Brad still claimed that he and I were going to be together. I guess I'm just kind of surprised that he's moved on.

I heard a splash behind me and turned around to see Brad jumping into the water. About 10 seconds later I was pulled under when he grabbed me around my legs and yanked me down, making me sputter. When I finally resurfaced, Brad was next to me treading water and looking extremely smug.

"I hate it when you do that!" I shouted at him.

"I know," he said.

"Than why do you do it?" I asked, my voice full of exasperation.

"Because it's fun," he replied as he continued to grin at me. I groaned.

"Why don't you grow up already? Hasn't your precious Maggie taught you to act like an adult yet?" I said.

"What? Are you jealous?" He asked, as his smile got even larger.

"As if I could be jealous of someone named Maggie," I said viciously. "Can we just stop fighting already, we never fight and I don't like fighting."

"We never fight because I let you walk all over me, and I'm not going to do it anymore. And besides you like to fight, that's all you and Jordan ever seemed to do," he said snidely. What was wrong with Brad? He was always so sweet.

"Look Brad, Jordan and I broke up and I really don't want to talk about him, so why don't you tell me about your new girlfriend."

"You mean Maggie?" he asked.

"Should I mean someone else?" I asked in annoyance.

"Oh, she's great, and she is totally in love with me. I've never met a girl who is so sweet, and she's really taught me about life, you know? She's taught me that I have to except things the way that they are and move on, because some things are never going to change."

"So you're over me?" I asked.

"Totally. I honestly don't even know why I liked you to begin with. You are a nice girl and all, but you never even gave me the time of day. I was so pathetic hanging around you like that wasn't I?" I don't know why but his words really hurt.

"It wasn't that pathetic. Sometimes it was actually kind of sweet. Well, I'm . . . I'm happy for you and Maggie." For some inexplicable reason I started to get choked up, and I realized that even if I never liked Brad, I always liked the idea of Brad liking me. That's really bitchy isn't it? I know it is, but when I looked over at Brad still treading water next to me, with the black bobby pin I put in his hair standing out strongly against the light color of his shaggy locks, hanging limply against his head. His green eyes looked at me quizzically as I examined his face. He really is a cute guy, a little nerdy . . . ok, a lot nerdy, but cute. I mean with his shirt off, you could see all his muscles, not because they are so big, but because he's on the skinny side. I honestly couldn't think of too many guys who could still look good with a bobby pin in their hair, but he did. What is wrong with me? The second that I found out that I can't have him I want him? That's just nuts.

I quickly turned to him and said, "Race you to the buoy," and was well on my way before I even got a reply.

I was winning until he pulled me under again and by the time I made it back to the surface, he had already won.

"Cheater!" I shouted at him, but he merely laughed.

"It's time we got back," he said. As we both reached the shore, we walked over to the makeshift shower set up on the dock. It was basically just a water hose setup so that you could turn it on and rinse off the fishy smelling water. It had one temperature: cold. I hate cold showers.

"Here you go Sammy," he said. "I brought you your favorite shampoo so you could wash your hair."

"Don't you think it's sort of stalkerish that you know what brand of shampoo I use?" I asked, but at the same time I was almost excited that even though he had moved on and had his own girlfriend now, at least he didn't completely forget about me . . . but it really was stalkerish that he knew that. Did he riffle through my panty drawer too the last time he was at my house?

"I know a lot about you. I even know that you wore days of the week underpants until you were 7. Knowing what kind of shampoo you use isn't that strange." He did riffle through my panty drawer! Now I feel violated.

"You know about my underpants?" I asked both shocked and embarrassed.

"Well, you're the one who used to like to lift up your skirt and show them off to people, not me. I just enjoyed the view." He said while grinning at me. I blushed. "But then again, you're not the only 6 year old to ever flash me before, but you're the only one whom I remember what kind of underwear they were wearing. So I guess you should be honored, right?" More like mortified! I wish that nobody could remember my underwear or the fact that I wanted to be just like Alicia Silverstone's character from Cluelesswhen I grew up. So shameful! But then again, I do remember his obsession with Barney and the pink Power Ranger, so I guess we're even when it comes to the amount of blackmail worthy facts we have about each other.


Chapter 2 is written. I just need to do a little bit of editing and it will be up, probably in the next day or so.