"I will go out and find my love, or die trying

"I will go out and find my love, or die trying!" She said

But I've already found him

And he is with another

He's right in front of me

And I know it

He is my love

But she is with him

It kills me to see them

He deserves so much better

I know I'm not good enough

But how could he love her?

He can't love her!

She can't have him

She can go find another

But I know she won't

I long for him

I miss him

We were closer before

But then I didn't know

I didn't know that he was the one

I didn't know that she would steal him

I just didn't know

I always used to say

Just once

Just once I want to him

And I will never let him go

Yet here I am

There he is

He's wit her

I'm alone

I let him go

Not knowing why

I let him go

I didn't know he was the one

So now I sit here and dream

Dream of what could have been

And cry over what's passed

It seems he'll never be mine

Never again

So I am stuck here

Weeping for lost love

While the world spins on

While the world spins on

If only I could tell

Maybe he would see then

Maybe he would see

I am the one who would love him best

All I can do is wait

Maybe he'll finally see

I have been waiting for him

While the world spins on