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"Yes? Is there something that you would like to share?" I asked.

He grabbed my hand and held it softly in his, "My name, my dear Petra, is Jason."

I smiled and grasped onto his hand and shook it.

"Well it's nice to meet you Jason. Do you have a last name, or is it just Jason?"

He smiled at that and pulled me against him, "The only reason I gave you my first name is because you only gave me your first name. If you wish I may tell you my last name, but in return I want yours."

"Uh ok, it's Green."

He smiled even bigger, "You have a color as your name?"

I blushed a little, "I'm not the one that picked my name ok, blame it on my parents."

"Silly, it is ok that you have a color as your name. That just means I get to call you by anything green.

"Ha Ha Ha, very funny."

"Actually it is quite funny, well to me it is anyways. So I guess I should tell you mine."

"Err yeah; I guess it would be nice if you did."

He let me go and I took a couple steps back away from him. So he didn't feel the need to pull me against him again.

"Well my last name is Cutt."

"Cutt? That's not a weird name." I said sarcastically.

"Hey don't blame me, blame my parents. Err I guess you should be blaming my ancestors. They're the ones that started with the name. So yeah, blame them."

I stood staring up at him, not knowing what to say when I heard my name being shouted in the distance. I pull my hand out of his and turn to the noise of my name.

There pushing through the street people was Kati. She looked scared and tired. Feet away from me she screams my name, obviously not aware that I am standing in front of her.

Turning around to face Jason, I am faced with a closed door. Looking down in defeat, I hear Kati getting closer. So I turn back to face her.

"Kati I'm over here." I say as I jump up and down to get her attention.

She manages to hear me over the crowd of people, and finds her way to me.

Breathing heavily she rests her head on my shoulder.

"Where were you? I asked you to wait for me. I thought someone had taken you away from me." She said as she tried to regain her composure.

All I could do was laugh at her as she caught her breath.

She was hunched over with her hands on her thighs, trying to catch each breath that she had lost while trying to find me. I let her take her time as I thought of where Jason had run off to. It is quite impossible for someone to leave as fast as that man had. Pulling herself away from Jason and the thought of dating him. I looked over at Kati who was now standing and wiping sweat of her brow.

"So, how bout we go get some lunch. I'm starved and I'm sure you are after that run you just made." I said sarcastically.

Kati sneered at me as she led me down the street towards the place she decided she wanted to go to. We ended up in front of a small Bistro with dimly lite lights. It seemed all to out of place for where we were at. I went with it though.

Sitting in a booth for two, we picked up our menus and started browsing through the list. My eyes settled on the beverage menu, picking through each drink, I thought of the reproductions of having each of them. Soda seemed to fattening at the moment, drinking a "big girl drink" was out of the question, seeing as it was way early for that. I stopped at the bottom of the menu.


Tea (Hot or Cold)…………………$1.50

My thoughts veered off as I thought of tea. "I have a really pretty tea cup now". Thinking about that damn cup just made me think of Jason and his stupid smile. I was grumbling to myself when I noticed the waitress was standing at our table and gawking at my mumbling self as she placed our waters in front of us. I shyly smiled.

"Um could I just get some hot tea?" I asked a bit embarrassed at myself for thinking the way I was. It's not like they could actually read any of my thoughts. I think it's more that I was embarrassed that I was thinking about him at a time like this.

The waitress nodded and scribbled down some words onto her floppy little note pad that had obviously been loved way too much. She turned her attention to Kati and waited for her to speak up. I tapped the table in front of Kati to draw her attention from somewhere else.

"Do you know what you want to drink?" I asked curiously.

She looked up at me and had a far off look in her eyes. I looked closer at her and her eye color had changed from hazel to a light green. I had to blink and rub my eyes to look at them more closely. I touched her hand to get her to snap out of it. She just covered her hand with mine and blinked. When she opened them again her eyes were normal. She smiled and patted my hand.

"Everything okay?" she asked.

I nodded trying to keep my composer, and turned to the waitress that was staring at Kati awkwardly.

"She'll have a tea as well." I spoke softly as I tried come to a conclusion of what just happened.

The waitress nodded and walked off with our orders. I turned my face back to Kati and shook the weird feeling I was getting off. I rubbed my forearms then rested them on the table in front of me.

"Are you feeling okay?" Kati asked as she spun the water glass in front of her around in tiny circles.

I nodded, not wanting to hear my voice at the moment. She shrugged and picked up her glass of water and drank a sip. I could not let that man get into my head. I knew for sure that those eyes of his were light green, but damn now I'm just seeing them everywhere it seems. I had met him once for God's sake, how is it that he is having this kind of effect on me?

I touched my lips and remembered his kiss. He had stolen my first kiss, the kiss that I had been saving for someone that I truly loved. That ass, next time I see him I'm going to bitch him out. I shook him off again and faced Kati. She was rolling a piece of ice around in her mouth like a child would do. I stared at her hoping she would notice. Like I thought she did and smiled which caused the ice cube to come tumbling out. I laughed a bit at her clumsiness.

I t was such a "Kati' thing for her to do. Moments later the waitress came back with our drink orders. Setting them in front of us she pulled out her pad again and leaned her wait onto her left hip.

"So you ladies ready to order?" she asked in her oh so obvious southern drawl.

I smiled to myself, and looked up at this lady that had all her blonde hair curled and pulled up into a sloppy bun. Lips stick that was the wrong shade for her and her work outfit stained in awkward places. I almost pitied her for having to work in this junk of a place, but when I looked around. None of the other waiters or waitress looked as badly dressed as this lady did. In fact the decorations in here were better presented then she is now.

I wiped the smile off my face, "I'm not all that hungry anymore. Go ahead and order Kati."

She went right on a head like I hadn't said anything. She ordered then sat back against the set and sighed almost annoyed like yet happy. Sometimes I swear I couldn't read this chick. She was so off with her emotions, and at times they were all over the place.

I picked up my now cool tea and took a sip from it, the hot liquid slide down the back of my throat cooling everything that seemed to be on fire. Weird how something hot does that to my throat. I delicately set the tea down and looked over at Kati. Something seemed off about her, and it wasn't because she had order a big whooping hamburger instead of her normal dainty salad. Her being here felt weird. This was definitely not the place that she would go to.

The waitress had returned with her huge hamburger and Kati looked like the world was sitting there for her on that plate. I almost wanted to gage at the amount of grease that was seeping out of the burger. The waitress left and without a blink Kati picked up disgusting thing and opened her mouth as wide as the burger and took a man sized bite. There was nothing girly or delicate about the way she ate the damn thing.

I almost watched her in horror as she gobbled the thing down without even taking any water or tea in with it. I had to look away in order to keep some of the tea that I had had and the small breakfast I had had that morning down.

I got up and told Kati that I was going to use the restroom. She nodded with the burger on her lips and its grease dripping out of it. Disgusted, I looked away and walked my way through all the chairs and tables. I almost hit a man in the back of the head because my foot had caught the leg of his table and I stumbled over myself in order to stay upright. I apologized to the man even though I didn't hit him. He nodded his appreciation and went on talking to his dolled up wife.