Subject: Metamorphisis
Date: 4/16/01 10:29 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: ATK440
Message-id: <>

There was a very old saying(Which is of course still true to this very day)that no matter how many times we've thought we had explored it all,the vast reaches of outer space are still rich and ripe with mysteries which are not yet solved.
Case in point:Captain Patrick Shatner,commanding officer of an intergalactic starship known as USS Rodenberry,which was assigned by United Galaxy Federation to chart a new type of starsystem.
"How are we doing,Navigator?",asked Patrick,who was looking at a nearby planet on the ship's viewscreen.
"All systems are functioning perfectly,Captain.",answered Navigator Jennifer McCoy.
But then suddenly,a shuttlecraft had departed from the ship and was heading towards the same planet.
"Shatner to shuttlebay!",said an alarmed Patrick,after having observed the shuttlecraft zooming through the viewscreen."Who the hell is piloting that shuttlecraft?"
"It's Lt.
Barbeara,sir.",answered a voice from the comm-link.
And with that,an angry Patrick had ordered his teleporter chief to zap him down where Lt. T.J. Barbeara had landed the shuttlecraft on the planet's surface.
As soon as he had been zapped down next to the shuttlecraft,an upset Patrick had looked around and saw no sign of T.J. nearby.
Then suddenly,after he had realized that his foot had touched something,a confused Patrick had looked down and discovered T.J.'s empty uniform on the ground--Right next to her portable comm-link.
After he had picked them up and realized that some sort of extraterrestrial force has possessed T.J.,a concerned Patrick yelled,"T.J.,IT'S ME--PATRICK!I'M HERE TO HELP YOU!PLEASE,LET'S JUST GO BACK ABOARD THE RODENBERRY!"
But just then,a glow of light had appeared in front of a suddenly-shocked Patrick,and a stunningly beautiful woman had walked out of the glow and towards him.
"Who are you?",asked a puzzled Patrick,while scratching his head.
"Don't you know me,Patrick?",asked the woman."It's me--T.J.--Only new and improved."
"T.J.?",asked a wide-eyed Patrick.
"That's right,Patrick.",answered the newly-transformed T.J.!"I am no longer the ugly duckling of the United Galaxy Federation."
"You mean to tell me that something had entered the ship?",asked a confused Patrick."And,had offered to transform you into the beauty that I'm looking at now?"
"Yes.",answered a suddenly-sad-faced T.J.!"However,there was no need for you to try and confence me to rejoin the crew of the Rodenberry,for I've decided to remain on this lush,beautiful planet."
"What?",asked a shocked Patrick."Please,T.J.!Give me a chance!"
"I'm sorry,Patrick.It is too late.",said T.J.,before having raised her hand towards Patrick."Goodbye,old friend--Forever."
And then,there was a flash of blinding light which had engulved Patrick.
As soon as the light was gone,Patrick was no longer on the planet.
He was instead back aboard the Rodenberry and for the first time in his life,he was at a loss as to how to explain to Federation about everything he was a witness to.
Would the metamorphisis conflict be somehow explained?
Only time--And maybe fate--could tell.