I met him at a flee market. This is hardly surprising considering I spend most of my time browsing through second hand shops and garage sales and the likes.

He was selling jewelry. Jewelry that he made himself, by the way. It was a butterfly charm that caught my eye. I remember this perfectly because I let out a little scream. It was so vibrant and lifelike (the charm, that is) that I thought it was real and that it was out to get me. As all butterflies are, naturally.

Nobody noticed. Well, except for that one lady, but she just gave a little laugh and walked away. Oh, thanks a lot lady- what if that had to be a real butterfly? It wouldn't be funny then, now would it? But I digress.

Will, (that's his name, just so you know) was too busy chatting with with some kid to notice my little outburst, which I quickly and cleverly tried to disguise as a coughing fit. When I had finished my little display I walked away praying that the earth would swallow me up whole, or at the very least, that I would find something cool to buy.

Hours passed in a blur and I quickly became burdened down with all of my purchases ( or junk, if you're my mother). I had found some pretty neat stuff like: a large stuffed teddy bear with only one eye (for my niece), an eye patch ( for the teddy bear, obviously), a pirate hat (because I was sensing a theme), and some homemade chocolate ( for, um, me).

Returning to my car was a bit of a challenge. My arms were weak from carrying everything for so long (no, I don't go to the gym and no, I can't to a push up). Not seeing anyone around I put on the eye patch and the pirate hat, stuffed the chocolate into my mouth and maneuvered the giant teddy under one arm. This, I have come to decide, is both the best and worst thing that I have ever done.

It was the worst thing because, lets face it, I looked kind of silly and honestly I couldn't see where I was going. Which was how I ended up falling down all those stairs. And breaking my toe.

It was the best thing because at the bottom of those stairs there was someone to catch me because, after all, a broken toe is much more preferable to a broken leg. Or head.

And when your falling on someone who happens to be drop dead gorgeous and makes pretty (but slightly too realistic) jewelry for a hobby, you just so know that things are going to get better.

So that's how I met Will. He's funny and sweet and he knows better than to give me anything that remotely resembles an insect. Instead, he gives me roses.