So this is my first non one-shot on this site

So this is my first non one-shot on this site. I'm not describing it just read the story.


Or you can flame it and tell me how much I fail at writing.

Whatever you choose.

I wouldn't care either way.

Although nice reviews do help me write faster.

: )

Date: August 19th 2008

Time: 2:27 AM

Place: In the woods behind my house.

Mood: ?

Dear me,

I sit here in the woods contemplating nothing. Just sitting, Taking in the large forest tress that surround me. My life isn't awful right now but not amazing. It's life. In reality I'm becoming bored I wish something would happen. My parent's are never home – shocker right?- and my brother committed suicide last night – another huge shocker right.

I knew it was coming. His entire life screamed suicidal. To bad no one ever paid attention or cared. Not one of his therapists saw it coming. Then again they never really saw him anyway. He skipped his sessions so many times.

Wow. I just read what I wrote. I sound like a cold hearted person. As if I don't care about my brother. Then again…I don't. He wasn't related to me, I never saw him and when I did he was either cutting or doing some sort of drug. He was never a brother I could miss but more a brother that I would notice was missing. Thinking about the past makes me really certain my brother doesn't deserve my love. We never were siblings, or friends, not even acquaintances.

Well now that I know why I don't care I need another topic to discuss with me. Well maybe I should write why I even write these letters.

It started when I realized any point in time I could die. I could drop dead and most people would never know me. That was such a fear to me, I think. So I began to write to myself. So that if I dropped dead people could come read what I had written and miss me. Not that people would miss me, reading this or not. I was so forgettable, my name always skipped. In class today my teacher walked by my desk without collecting my paper. Which I had worked hard on. When I called at him he didn't hear me. He's only 24, he can't be deaf. Well maybe he is… No, no he's not. After class I walked up to him and gave him my paper and he goes. "Oops, didn't see ya." Then I walked out.

Well I'm going to stop writing now my flashlight is about to die and I hear something. Time to explore, or maybe run back to my house in fear. I don't know. Next time I write I will have a mood and something more interesting.



Closing my book I stood up looking into the darkness of the woods. My flashlight stuttered then died. A crack of a twig made my heart job.

"Who's there?" I ask stepping towards the noise.

With a muffled scream I'm enveloped into a black abyss. A feeling of nothingness closes around my body as something pierces my neck. No screams.

Just more nothing.

So what do you think? I know it is quite short. This is just a little insight into the victims the main character chooses. How he attacks. Anyways review.