Ok so chapter two time

Ok so chapter two time. I guess.

Staring at the body of the girl I had just fed off of I grinned. Finally I felt full. Picking up the diary that the girl had left I flipped through the pages. Teen angst. Annoying shit is what it is. Always complaining about there problems when they didn't even have to be eternally teen.

Bringing out my lighter I lit the book on fire watching it burn. Now to find my next victim.

Running through the woods I ponder where I could look. Mental hospital? No the blood there was tainted with so much medication i gagged whenever I drank it. Maybe if I went from house to house looking for a victim like I had done with the girl back there. No that was getting to easy.

When I ran out of the woods I heard screaming. Loud, obnoxious screaming you would hear at a sporting event. Going under the bleachers I peered at the sport. Football. High school football.

High school. Perfect. There had to be a few teenagers riled with angst that I could feed upon. But how could I make it a challenge? Pondering the thought I walked out from under the bleachers.

The idea popped into my brain when I saw a girl who was fake from the bleach blonde of her hair to her pedicured feet. She was accepted because she fit in. So for me to be accepted by my victims I would have to become one of them. Getting inside there mind and then killing them. Perfect. Now I had to go sign up for high school.

POV Change

"Hurry up Ryan we need front row." Using my whiny voice hoping to make Ryan hurry up.

"I am hurrying up. It takes time to make me look good."

"Well if you didn't try to squeeze into girl jeans the operation would be a lot smoother." I shouted flipping through some stupid guy magazine.

"Girl's love me. I'm sensitive." He told me.

"Or you just have a nice ass."

"It's both. Now tell me how I look?" Rolling over so I could see I fell off the bed.

"God damnit." I muttered. No matter what I did I always injured myself somehow. Ryan was laughing as I stayed lying down. "From down here you look hot."

"Thank you." Reaching his hand out he picked me up. "You're looking pretty hot yourself."

"I know." Smiling at him.

"Well aren't you miss cocky?" He grabbed my waist and pulled me to him.

"Nope that would be you. Is that a gun or are you just happy?"

"Let's go." Opening his window he hoped out. Of course I followed him just mine was a lot less graceful.

"Gots the tickets?" I asked brushing off my knees. Dirty from me more falling out the window.

"Yep, you have your fan girl screams?"

"Pshyeaa I do. Want to hear a demo?"

"Oh god no." He covered his ears and ran towards the car.


On the car ride there I made Ryan roll down all the windows and let me play my music. Full blast.

"You're all I think about. YEAH! You're all I think about. YEAH! You're all I think about. When I'm masturbating. Just fuck me daddy." I sung along to one of my favorite bands.

"God Rilee this song is just disgusting." Ryan shouted over the loud beats.

"Too bad so sad."

"Ryan did you like the band? I did. The drinks were so the best part though." Giggling into Ryans chest as we walked to the car.

"Of course Rye-Rye. Whatever you say."

"Aww poor you. You're mad because you couldn't drink. Next time I will so drive."


"Pinky promise." Holding out my pinky.

"Good, now get in the car. I will drive you home."

"Mmkay sure."

The car ride was moderately silent. That's what I loved about me and Ryans friendship. Knowing someone for 14 years made you so comfortable with them.

"See you tomorrow babe. Love ya." Ryan kissed me on the cheek and led me to my bed.

"Love ya too pumkin' pie." Using my little pet name for him before I fell into my bed. He put a blanket on me and kissed me on the cheek.

I didn't know anyone as amazing as him. The best friend who I'd probably die if I lost.

POV Change

Watching her giggle into the guys chest made me smile. She was so perfect. Doing research I learned she had been on suicide watch since the beginning of middle school. Recently she had been granted freedom when her mom agreed to let her nearly live at Ryan's house.

All I had to do was kill Ryan and she would become the suicidal teen I wanted. He could be friendly to her, show her false compassion. She would be like putty in his hands.

I was such a genius.